Jonathan Bélisle
Calm Magic: A framework to lead a calm, playful & prolific creative life
I connect ideas and help humans feel the future. I bring innovation to society and start new dialogues. I develop the faculty for poiesis in people. More simply put, I develop new ways of thinking, learning, seeing and doing.
"One of the best thinker I've ever met. He's great on process and everyone enjoys working with him. He talks as much as he listen. He's a great team player. - Martin Gauthier / President SidLee Montreal"
Jonathan's genius is to revive the poetics of user interactions and make them meaningful and beautiful. He's an indispensable pillar in any genuinely creative act. - Fady Attalah / President
To me, Jonathan is the definition of a modern poet; He's a true dreamer and his design thinking is simply unmatched. He is a heavily creative and resourceful person and was a key influencer in my career by being a great motivator and user experience mentor.. Marc-André Véronneau / Head of Design @ Landr
Marc-André Véronneau
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