Chris Vacher
Transformational Servant Leadership coaching & consulting
Helping you turn your dream for someday into an action plan for today.
"Chris cares. I've known Chris over 15 years, and that is what comes to mind when I think about him. He cares about people and their stories. He cares about leaders and their development. He cares about organizations and their advancement. You can trust him to care about you, your context, and your future."
Casey Ross
Chris offers a strategic mind, an enthusiastic listening ear, a generous spirit, and a pastor's heart. Because of his different experiences and connections, he understands the unique challenges faced by ministry leaders and the Canadian church as a whole, but he also sees and celebrates the kingdom opportunities. I value his perspective and guidance to help me continue developing as a leader as I pursue my calling.
Rachelle Luk
Having Chris coach me through enneagram was a really valuable and helpful experience. I've done many other personality, gifts, and strengths tests in the past, but Chris not only had a deep understanding of the tools and report, but asked fantastic questions that helped me reflect and find really good ways I can lead and serve in my current context. I'm excited to continue to use Chris as a coach and resource to help me grow in self-awareness and better love those around me.
Dave Siverns
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