ADHD Coaching Monthly Retainer | Ongoing Support, Accountability and Access

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION Like all of my packages, your individual sessions are entirely customized to suit your specific needs in the moment. However, they are oriented towards a longer term goal where you need ongoing support to stay focused, accountable and committed to a specific outcome. To that end, this page includes 3, one-hour sessions per month in addition to weekly access to me via a dedicated messaging app. Together we can design a cadence of checkins, accountability and support that will help you stay aligned and focused on your goal. This is a recurring monthly subscription that renews automatically every month, based on your sign up date. The length of our engagement is entirely up to you, and you are free to cancel anytime. ☝️PACKAGE INCLUDES: 👉 3, 1-hour recorded video-based sessions per month 📲 Access to coach via messaging between sessions (limits apply) ✅ Clearly defined action steps for you to take immediately following our session 🎯 Honest, compassionate, objective feedback and support. 🙌 A no BS approach to get you out of your own way

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