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August 19, 2022

Practice Updates: August 19, 2022

Released Android 1.0.0-30 that includes: 

  • Support for coaches to adjust their profile
  • Show custom messages in the chat feed for form submissions
  • Fixed a bug for the navigation bar color
  • A few small tweaks to the UI
  • An update to the loading stage of messages list is empty

Also released this week: 

  • Now, coaches can share individual files and links from within a folder
  • Now, slugs are deleted when a package is deleted so the slug can be re-used in a new package
  • Added support to view any shared files or folders within client folders
  • Fixed a bug where the calendar settings in Availabilities was blank for one user
  • Fixed a bug for birthday reminder Smart Actions not sending to one coach
  • Fixed a bug where reordering schedulers on the public profile accidentally hide the scheduler
  • Fixed a bug where preview images inside the library are not clickable
  • Fixed a bug where group appointment status' weren't update correctly
  • And.. tons of new updates for Smart Actions ⚡️

We've added support for Smart Actions with the following

  • [New] Smart Actions for Events: Send a file, add a label or a custom reminder
  • [New] Forms can now be used as Smart Actions to send files or add label to the client
  • [New] Products and invoices now support Smart Actions with the ability to send a file or add a label to the client
  • [Improved] Smart Actions for Schedulers now support sending a library item