Schedule meetings exactly how you want

Show your real availability

  • Connect multiple google calendars so you never have to worry about double booking again.
  • Embed your scheduler directly on your website, or link to it using a URL, your choice.

Fine tune controls

  • Set breaks between meetings, control how far in advance clients can book, create different meeting schedulers for different appointment types – and so much more.

Change your availability on the fly

  • Want to take an afternoon off? You can edit your availability in one place and it’ll magically update all the meeting schedulers that it’s associated with.

Collect information and payment while you’re at it

With our Smart Actions, you’re able to seamlessly add payment and/or forms to your meeting scheduling experience.

Attach forms before/after/during

Any form can be added to the scheduling experience, or it can be scheduled to send before/after the meeting takes place.

Attaching payments

You can add payment as a mandatory step to your schedulers, if you want people to pay before they get onto your calendar.

Make group session bookings simple

Host one-off events and webinars

Create a simple registration page, limit attendees, see who’s coming.

Schedule reoccurring sessions for groups

Scheduling meetings for your cohorts has never been simpler.

Freedom! Practice gives me the organization that I need.

Save time with Practice


Why do I need a scheduling tool?

We don’t know about you, but going back and forth to figure out a time that works is just not our version of fun. Plus, we really don’t want to be scared of the “R” word (rescheduling) anymore. 

Can I share/send schedulers from my phone?

Yes! Practice has an iOS and Android app. So not only can you send and share your meeting schedulers from your phone, you can manage your whole business from it. 

Does Practice integrate with Outlook or iCal?

Practice currently integrates with Google Calendar, but more will be on the way!

What does my client experience when they book a meeting using a scheduler?

Your clients will see a calendar view to select the date and time that they’d like to meet. Then if there’s a form attached to the scheduler, they’ll see the form, and after that, they’ll see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation email with all the meeting details. 

Can I embed the meeting scheduler on my website?

Yes! You can embed the scheduler calendar directly onto your website, or you can put the link to the scheduler in a button that would open up your scheduler. 

Save time with Practice