Everything in one place

Unified client records

  • Track it all in one place for each client – sessions, forms, files, links, notes, payments, even email threads! Our client management system is essentially your business dossier. 

Everything in one place… for your clients, too!

  • Our client portal gives your clients one place to access all their stuff, plus the ability to chat with you and leave voice memos. It’s encrypted and there is an app (iOS and Android). 

Remember the details

  • Pin any important information to the top of each client record. You won’t have to worry about forgetting another birthday ever again. 

Unlimited clients

Practice is a simple $35/month, with full access to the client management platform. We don’t charge based on clients, so feel free to put as many clients as you’d like into the platform.

Unlimited storage

There’s no limit to the number of videos or files you can store — so long as they’re under 100mb (the equivalent of a 1 minute HD video).

Unlimited automations

Our smart actions help automate repetitive, manual tasks — like payment reminders, or sending a resource after a client has completed a form.

Group management software is built in.

Manage your cohorts

Have everything in one place for your group sessions, just like your individual clients. 

One-off or recurring group sessions 

Schedule group sessions and events with the ability to automate forms and reminders. 

Since using Practice, my work has never been better. Having everything I need under one platform not only makes my job as a coach more efficient, it assures my clients they made a good investment.

Save time with Practice


Does your price change based on the number of clients?

Nope. You can have as many clients as you want in Practice and it’ll be $35/month or $300/year.

What about worksheets, contracts and documents? Can you store them in Practice?

We have file storage within Practice, which means you can upload your files and links into one place, share them with your clients, and be able to see what’s been shared, when and with whom. Our single file upload limit is currently 100mbs, but you can have as many files as you want. 

What does client communication through Practice look like?

There is a dedicated client portal that has chat and voice memos, plus the ability to easily access shared files, links, forms, appointments, etc. Clients can download the iOS or Android app, or use the portal through their favorite web browser. 

Can clients schedule themselves?

Yes! That's the point of our real-time schedulers that sync across your calendars, all you have to do is send your clients a link and they'll be able to schedule themselves in. After that happens, you will both get a confirmation of the event.

Can I have clients sign contracts in Practice?

Yes, we have a legal field that you can add to any form. Typically, we'll see people add a PDF of their contract into the legal field of a form template, which can then be easily sent to a client using a link. Here's an example of a sample contract form.

Can I incorporate my own branding and logo?

Yes, you can customize colours, fonts and add a logo! The colours and fonts will be consistent across all of your client-facing pages, so your schedulers, forms and packages all look and feel on-brand.

Can I invoice my clients through Practice?

Yes! You can easily create invoices within Practice, schedule invoices to send in the future, and see when they were paid. All without needing another piece of software.

Save time with Practice