Your dedicated resource library

Private or shared files

  • Any file you upload to your Practice library is private by default. When you decide to share certain files with your clients, you can easily do so by dropping it into their client portal or sharing in an email.

Know who and when

  • Easily remember what’s been shared, and with whom. Never doubt if you’ve provided your clients with access to one of your resources. You can even re-share the same file with multiple clients.

Supports all resources

  • Whether it’s a video walkthrough, a coaching contract template or a link that you reference often, you can house all them in your Practice library.

Unlimited file storage and sharing

Whether it’s reference materials or legal contracts, it’s important to have everything organized in one place that’s easily sharable. Practice’s Library does just that, and nothing more.

Any file up to 100mb

Store as many files as you’d like in your Practice library. Do you have something that’s larger than 100mb? You can easily add it as a link in the library!

Only you see who has access to what

Skip that awkward moment when your clients can see four other people looking at the document you just sent them. Only you can see what’s been shared with whom.

Automate sharing (if you want to)

Leverage automations

Since Practice is a fully integrated platform, you can automatically schedule resources to be sent after a particular event has occurred. Think, if a package was successfully purchased, then automatically send your “get started” PDF.

Practice has made my workflow much more streamlined, trying (where possible) to replicate what I was doing but with less touch points from me. It has saved me ~5 hours a week.

You're in good company

Become part of a growing community of coaches from around the world who use Practice to power their business and deliver the best coaching experience.

“Since using Practice, my work has never been better. Having everything I need under one platform not only makes my job as a coach more efficient, it assures my clients they made a good investment.”

“Before Practice, it was all over the place. Now, I feel more organized which helps me disconnect from work a lot easier."

"I have used Practice for almost all of my coaching."

“I'm loving using Practice as I grow my coaching business. It's a great help for scheduling, keeping track of my contacts and invoicing. Can't wait to see what else they have coming!”

Save time with Practice

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Can my clients download the Practice app as well?

Yes! The Practice app has a coach experience and a separate client portal experience across all devices.

Can you give me examples of things I can automate?

Definitely. Here are a few:

  • Send a form ahead of an appointment
  • Apply a label after a call is booked
  • Send a file to a client after they purchase a product
  • Customize appointment reminders(s) via email & SMS

And much more!

Does Practice integrate with Outlook or iCal?

Practice currently integrates with Google Calendar, but more will be on the way!

What about worksheets, contracts and documents? Can you store them in Practice?

We have file storage within Practice, which means you can upload your files and links into one place, share them with your clients, and be able to see what’s been shared, when and with whom. Our single file upload limit is currently 100mbs, but you can have as many files as you want. 

Can you help migrate my existing forms?

Absolutely! Simply send a message to: or read about our migration experience.