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2 Years

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Practice has made my workflow much more streamlined, trying (where possible) to replicate what I was doing but with less touch points from me. It has saved me ~5 hours a week.

“Since using Practice, my work has never been better. Having everything I need under one platform not only makes my job as a coach more efficient, it assures my clients they made a good investment.”

"All in one place. Client records, contact details, and connections with email/chat. Love the packages function. Practice really makes self management by the client work!"

"I love how Practice streamlines my client communication and billing process!"

"Freedom! Practice gives me the organization that I need."

"Outstanding CRM. Giving Paperbell a run for their money."

"So much less stress on the structure side of my business."

"I went from multiple tools and no app to a clean, consolidated flow with Practice."

"I have used Practice for almost all of my coaching."

“I'm loving using Practice as I grow my coaching business. It's a great help for scheduling, keeping track of my contacts and invoicing. Can't wait to see what else they have coming!”

“The team is exceptionally dedicated and always available to learn about my needs. There is no going back!

"Everything flows through Practice: payment, communication, notes, tasks. I love the new Packages option and onboarding opportunities. Smooth operation so I can focus on working with the client."

"It's all streamlined with Practice. Centralized dashboards where all my client details and notes can be easily found. A real game-changer!"

“Before Practice, it was all over the place. Now, I feel more organized which helps me disconnect from work a lot easier."

"I had a separate calendar, payment system, notes, email, and forms before Practice. Now it's all integrated and works together."

"I used to rely Google for emails but Practice now integrates with Gmail too, so I use Practice for everything."


How can Practice help me grow my financial coaching program?

By taking care of all the administrative pieces that nobody wants to do, Practice empowers coaches to focus on the more important things like growing your business. We also have features that collect testimonials automatically, to help you build social proof and accelerate word of mouth referrals.

Does Practice charge by client like other financial coaching software?

Not at all! Practice is a flat $35 USD/month, without any limitations. Have as many clients, transactions and storage as you want – we want to be able to support you as your business grows.

What if my client pays me in person, can I still track that on Practice?

Yes! You have the ability to manually check off invoices as paid. So if your client drops off a bag of cash, you can check that invoice off as paid and stay up to date. Also, congratulations on being paid with a bag of cash! 

Does Practice integrate with Outlook or iCal?

Practice currently integrates with Google Calendar, but more will be on the way!