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Practice has helped Ama la Vida streamline their coach and client experience.
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Key solutions used
Based in Chicago, Ama la Vida coaching has scaled their business to thousands of clients and 60+ coaches. Ama La Vida Coaching provides coaching services to both solo and corporate clients, across career coaching, life coaching, personal coaching. ALV has partner coaches in every vertical on staff, and within each vertical, ALV offers tailored coaching services. One of their most popular offerings is a subscription-based service enabling clients to opt into a subscription at one, two, or four monthly appointments.
Automated package tracking

Ama La Vida needed a way to create constraints around appointment tracking and scheduling. Before Practice, clients would coordinate scheduling with their coach across many tools; calendly, manual appointment creation, and email. Without an automated space to track hours delivered the Admin, Operations, and CX team spent hours and hours each month doing reconciliation across sessions granted and fulfilled.

Using packages on Practice, Ama La Vida provided clients with a consistent and standardized way of scheduling across thousands of clients and hundreds of coaches. Practice automatically adds sessions to packages and restricts the allowance clients can book within their subscriptions. At a glance, coaches, admins, and clients have a complete view of the sessions and scheduling each month.

Centralized coach & client communication

Before Practice, Ama La Vida relied heavily on coaches to log communication and track their engagements with clients to round out the view of each client. This means more administrative time for coaches and more room for error when tracking conversations. And, even in some cases, there’s no record of the communication between coach and client.

Practice automatically syncs all client and coach communication via email and creates admin-level access to view conversations in the client portal. No longer do coaches need to spend time relaying messages to the customer service team, all communication with clients is automatically centralized and synced on the client record.

Simplified payroll & time tracking

At the end of each month, tabulating hours across client sessions was painstakingly long and arduous for the admin team at Ama La Vida. It took multiple exports across different systems to accurately pull the accumulated hours per coach. In addition, before the hour tabulation could occur it took a considerable amount of time to reconcile hours delivered by coaches to avoid over (or under) paying their part-time staff.

Now with Practice, hours logged in packages for client subscriptions are automatically logged in the correct pay period and tabulation of hours is calculated at the correct rate seamlessly. With the Practice Payroll, coaches no longer have to manually record time spent with clients or log their session hours. Practice automatically records time spent with clients, assigns the session to the correct package, and then tabulates the rate in the correct pay period.

Simplified payroll & time tracking
Across multiple tools, each coach was responsible for tracking the contents of sessions and managing their outcomes between dozens of clients. This created administrative time and billable hours that and added cost to Ama La Vida.
Before Practice, our team spent considerable amount of time doing administrative work logging sessions, doing reconciliation and tracking outcomes. Practice has streamlined that for all of us.
Foram & Nicole
Co-founders, Ama La Vida Coaching
"Our team of 50+ coaches historically used a whole suite of products to manage billing, scheduling, session tracking and client comms. It’s incredible to have found something that integrates this all in one place and creates a much more streamlined experience for both our clients and our team."
Nicole Wood
Founder of Ama La Vida

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