Just one simple log-in for everything coaching

Unlimited centralized storage

  • Sharing notes, items from your library, previously submitted forms (and more!) is done directly through your Practice dashboard.

Shared To-Dos

  • Provide accountability by using the shared to-do list to keep track of action items.

Access your workspace anywhere

  • Both coaches and clients have access to Practice on the web, iOS, or Android so you can take your coaching relationship anywhere.

Consolidate client communication

Client communication is often times scattered across multiple tools — text, voice, email. With Practice’s client portal, you can chat, leave voice memos and see email threads from one place.

Chat, emojis & reactions

Messaging on Practice is familiar to everyone. Share your reactions, emojis, and anything your heart desires to connect with your recipient.

Send voice notes & memos

Record voice notes right in Practice! You no longer need to use a third-party tool, just to share a voice message.

Accessible on every device

iOS and Android

Clients can download the Practice app and access their client portal on the go.


Designed for every device, coaching clients can also access their client portal using any browser.

All in one place. Client records, contact details, and connections with email/chat. Love the packages function. Practice really makes self management by the client work!

Save time with Practice


Can my clients download the Practice app as well?

Yes! The Practice app has a coach experience and a separate client portal experience across all devices.

What can my clients see in the client portal?

Clients can see anything that has been shared with them directly (i.e. coaching resources) and anything that they have submitted to you (i.e uploaded files). They can also see their submitted form answers and appointment history.

Can I send voice notes?

Yes, we have voice notes built into the Practice apps for both coach and client.

Is the client portal secure and encrypted?

Yes! Everything inside of Practice is fully encrypted at rest and in transit, that means no body (including Practice) can access any of your client communication.

Do clients get access to the coaching portal automatically?

The client portal is optional. As the coach, you can pick and choose who you want to invite to their client portal (if anyone).

Save time with Practice