Coaches directory

Coaches on Practice come from all over the world and serve clients across every industry.

Career Coach
Brandi Floyd

If you're interested in some uplifting career coaching, or need a new or updated resume, please reach out. I would love to help you reach your goals to become a better you!

Professional Coach
Chantal Palanca

Personal and Professional Coach (Lumia Certified)

Leadership Coach
Chauntel Bennett

I helps client expand their awareness to take bold, inspired action to create a life of alignment and possibility.

Leadership Coach
Chris Knight

I specialize in partnering with mid-career individuals who have experienced success and are now evaluating where they want to direct their time, energy, and talents

Wellness Coach
Dani Frank

With over a decade of experience as a HR Manager & recruiter for Fortune 500 companies, I understand the fast-paced & high-stress world of corporate America.

Executive Coach
David Udy

Executive & Team Coach; Difference Maker; Pattern Seeker

Executive Coach
Eric Connelly

Helping social entrepreneurs achieve their next value level through management consulting and deep inner work.

Community Coach
Francisco Opazo

Husband, Father, Growth Marketer, Community Architect and WordPress Jedi.

Leadership Coach
Grace Marin

Founder and President at PX Coaching, LTD with over 30 years of experience as a Nurse and Healthcare Leader.

Brand Strategy Coach
Hannah Waen

I help creative-minded entrepreneurs develop strategies that increase their impact, improve their lives, and help them achieve their life's purpose.

Life Coach
Ixchel Flannery

I work with independent-minded women who want to experience success on their own terms without sacrificing their health or happiness

Executive Coach
Jana Hendrickson

Trusted Coach and Secret Weapon to Global Leaders with high Standards.

Life Coach
Jane Pak

I support Asian women learning to live their lives as their own.

Executive Coach
John Hickey

MCC Senior Practitioner Coach, specializing in Executive and Business coaching

Leadership Coach
Jonathan Rozenblit

Dynamic & engaging leadership coach, mentor, facilitator, and trainer.

Life Coach
Josh Dietrich

Executive leadership coach with thirty years of experience with technology firms serving higher education.

Life Coach
Justin Tilghman

Empowering you to live and lead with clarity and purpose

Performance Coach
Kolin Kriitmaa

As a Mental Performance Consultant & Sport Scientist I help athletes, teams & coaches perform!

LaCienda Warren

As a self-care coach & photographer, I help black women stop the superwoman hustle and create new habits.

ADHD Coach
Lisa Allgood

I'm qualified ADHD coach providing a safe, compassionate place to discover who you are and who you want to be.

Leadership Coach
Lisa Sanchez

A certified co-active coach and reiki practitioner. She founded Cocoon to help underrepresented leaders thrive.

ADHD Coach
Lisanne Thomas

Creative, compassionate, smart, funny (so they say)! An experienced and effective coach who combines all of her experience to deliver coaching from a very wide-angle.

Career Coach
Liz Arnold

I love helping ambitious & innovative early and mid-career professionals pivot into tech & startups.

Business Coach
Maxim Mulyadi

I spend my days working with Visionary entrepreneurs: the misfits, the rebels, the “quirky” ones who have brilliant ideas but struggle to synthesize them into their business.

Public Speaking Coach
Meridith Grundei

Owner of Grundei Coaching, LLC, specializing in public speaking & presentation skills. Award-winning theatre director, producer, and former Second City improv teacher.

Executive Coach
Millie Hau

I’m on a mission to change the impact of perpetual under-investment in talent development, especially for those from historically marginalized communities.

Business Coach
Phil Askew

I partner with founders in the tech, creative and innovation sectors to get crystal clear on their business, marketing, personal brand and strategy to land the clients they love.

Life Coach
Pritam Jha

Empower Your Life, Transform Your Future. Gain Clarity to Create the Life You Deserve. Not survive, but thrive!

Spiritual Coach
Queen Red

I help masculine and feminine energies monetize their divine currency and WIN.

Founder Coach
Raymond Luk

Author of Pitching a Leap of Faith, the pitch deck guide for entrepreneurs.

Leadership Coach
Roy Bell

Mindfulness leadership coach, facilitator, mentor, speaker, and trainer

Executive Coach
Russell Jackson

Executive and Leadership Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Teacher.

Leadership Coach
Ruth Penfold-Brown

Coach | Advisor | Fractional CPO

ADHD Coach
Sherry Heathcote

I work with adults who have (diagnosed or suspected) ADHD, who are struggling, not living up to their potential, who feel overwhelmed with the big stuff or the little stuff.

Business Coach
Sian Lenegan

Cracking the Growth Code® for agencies and service providers

Life Coach
Stephanie Bogue Kerr

Psychotherapist & Social Worker for individuals facing the uncertainties of life transitions & of illness (acute & chronic), and those living with anxiety & depression.

Life Coach
Tami Holladay

Empowering women to squash self-doubt + claim their identity, while powerfully + confidently impacting their communities!

Leadership Coach
Tara Teich

A proven engineering leader with experience managing teams at companies including Apple and Stripe, Tara brings her own grounded perspective to coaching. Combining her extensive personal experience of running product-focused teams with Co-active coach training, she provides a unique perspective on achieving your goals. Tara now runs a full-time coaching practice, while also providing consulting services to startups looking to build out their hiring and evaluation systems. When not working, she's walking her German Shepherd puppy, Juniper.

Career Coach
Vimari Roman

Changing lives by helping professionals achieve peak performance & fulfillment through career strategies, coaching, professional branding, & mental fitness

Career Coach
Yiorgos Boudouris

A Toronto-based recruitment leader with 15 years of experience building teams in a variety of industries. Helping people find their next career step.