What you and your students get with Practice:

What you and your students get with Practice:

  • Keep track of information related to your students
  • Organize shared and individual tasks
  • Quickly schedule appointments in real-time
  • Use customizable form templates and e-signatures
  • Create packages, automatically charge for subscriptions, and generate invoices
  • Secure messaging platform for communicating with students
  • A simple personalized homepage
  • Flexible payment options, unlimited file storage, and more


You're in good company

Mike Vardy

Everything flows through Practice: payment, communication, notes, tasks. I love the new Packages option and onboarding opportunities. Smooth operation so I can focus on working with the client.

Amanda Johnson

Practice has made my workflow much more streamlined, trying (where possible) to replicate what I was doing but with less touch points from me. It has saved me ~5 hours a week.

David Udy

All in one place. Client records, contact details, and connections with email/chat. Love the packages function. Practice really makes self management by the client work!

Lois Weinblatt

The team is exceptionally dedicated and always available to learn about my needs. There is no going back!


When you're tired of of cobbling tools together.

Our client records acts as a central location for all of your students' information. This allows you and your students to easily access everything in one place, rather than having to switch between multiple tools.


A complete timeline of events

  • See every appointment, event, file, form, invoice, link, note and email thread in one place.
  • Remember important details with our pinned custom fields.
  • Create accountability using our shared to-do list.

Private messaging portal

  • Your students have one place to see all shared items.
  • Supports text, voice notes and emojis.
  • Accessible on iOS, Android, and web.


When you're worried about getting double booked.

Sync as many calendars as you want, control your availabilities, and send automated reminders.

Supports multiple calendars

  • Look across as many Google calendars as you need.
  • Calendars are updated every time someone is looking at your calendar, so you’ll never risk double booking.

Text and email reminders

  • Limit any last minute cancellations or no-shows with appointment reminders.
  • Choose the timing and delivery of the reminders.
  • No limit to the number of reminders you can send.

Simple automations

  • Schedule forms, documents and files to be send before or after a session.
  • Automatically apply labels once payment is collected.
  • Attach payments or forms to your booking flow to collect everything at once.

Getting paid fast

When you need a way to track payments, and easy invoicing tools to make you look professional.

Whether you sell your services through packages, retainers and/or one-off sessions – we’ll help get you paid and stay organized.

Payment flexibility

  • Offer one time or multiple payments.
  • Accept multiple forms of payment.
  • Integrates with Stripe.

One time or re-occurring payments

  • With scheduled invoices and credit card payments.
  • Ability to create and apply coupons and discounts.

Save time with Practice

Get started


Can you give me examples of things I can automate?

Definitely. Here are a few:

  • Send a form ahead of an appointment
  • Apply a label after a call is booked
  • Send a file to a client after they purchase a product
  • Customize appointment reminders(s) via email & SMS

And much more!

Do I need to connect any outside tools to use Smart Actions?

Nope! Once you connect your Google account and Stripe account, you’ll have full access to use all Smart Actions.

Does Practice integrate with other tools?

Practice currently integrates with Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Meet, Stripe and Zoom. 

Can I accept tutor bookings through my own website?

Yes you can, by embedding the tutoring scheduler calendar directly onto your website, or by putting a link to the scheduler in a button that would open up your scheduler.

Can I manage multiple tutors with one account on Practice?

Not yet! We will be offer multi-seats soon with Practice Pro. Stay tuned for that release!

Can I get paid before tutoring sessions?

Yes! With our automations, you can setup payment to be taken care of as someone is booking a tutoring session. There's also the ability to schedule invoices ahead of time.

Can I set up virtual tutoring sessions?

Yes! You can customize the location of a scheduler, i.e. where you're going to meet. That can be virtual, like Google Meet, Zoom or a custom video link, it can be over the phone, or it can be in-person at a physical address. Completely up to you!