Simple client management designed for teams

Delegate, collaborate, and oversee your client base across your team — without missing a step.

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Stay in sync with your team

Team workspace
Collaborate with your team under one roof and manage your entire client roster in one place.
Activity log
See what your team members and clients have been up to, in real-time.
Team to-dos
Organize and delegate work across your org. Assign tasks and set due dates to ensure nothing gets missed and eliminate duplicate work.

Manage client rosters

Assign clients
Designate specific owners of each relationship so each member of your organization is responsible for their clients.
Set permissions
Control what visibility each team member has — whether they should see their own clients only, or have access to manage the full business.
Shared clients
Collaborate with other members of the organization to co-deliver services for your clients.

Get shared and separate tools

Group Chat
When working with clients via your Practice client portal, multiple users in your organization can engage in chat.
Shared Assets
Payments, forms, and resources are centralized across the team for any member to use with their clients.
Personal integrations
Each team member can manage their own availability and connect multiple calendars to their scheduling tool.

Team Insights

Team dashboard
Know exactly what’s happening in your business, at a glance.
Round Robin Scheduling
Create generalized sessions that can be booked amongst any member of your team
Company & member profiles
Profiles for your company and entire team with links to book and schedule client services

Who is a fit for Teams?

Over the past four years, we've worked with thousands of small businesses as we continue to develop Practice.

Solopreneurs that have help
If you have additional support as a sub-contractor or an assistant, then you’re a great fit for teams!

Delegate tasks to your team

Co-deliver services to clients

Follow each client interaction

Teams is a great solution for organizations that rely on multiple members to fulfill services to clients.

Assign clients to members

Get paid through one central account

Set access and permissions

Growing your business shouldn’t be an administrative mess

Join thousands of small business owners that have streamlined and simplified their business with Practice.
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Frequently asked questions

We take pride in supporting our customers quickly and efficiently. When it comes to getting started, here are a few FAQs to get you rolling.

Do you support small and big teams?


Yes! We support teams of all sizes. From just starting out, all the way up to multi-million dollar organizations.


Can multiple members chat with a client in the portal?


Absolutely! You can invite multiple users in your organization to engage in chat.


Are there shared assets within my organization?


Yep! Each member can access a shared list of schedulers, forms, files, products, packages, and resources.


Are there limitations to the number of clients I can have?


None. You can have as many clients as you want, and we will not charge you for growing your client base.


Do you offer session tracking for individual members and admins?


Yes! You'll be able to see exactly how many sessions of a package has been completed, by whom, and when. All in real-time.


What if I have enterprise requirements?

Let's talk

We offer custom solutions for those who might need a little more support for their larger organizations, book a demo with us and let us know how we can help!