Stay on top of your (digital) paperwork

Pre-loaded Templates

  • No need to start from scratch. We have discovery call forms, post-session feedback and contract agreement templates that you can use and edit as needed. 

Status updates

  • Each form has a status. Keep track of whether a form has been drafted, scheduled, shared, viewed by the client or submitted. 

Flexible question types

  • From your standard multiple choice to built-in file upload, you have a variety of questions to build any form you need. And you can build as many of them as you like. 

Connect forms to everything else

With our automations, you can start to attach form and contract collection to other parts of your business.

Set up triggers

Trigger a resource to be sent after a form completion, or have an input field automatically update information in a client’s record. Smart and slick. 

Seamlessly weave into scheduling

Connect a form to a scheduler so your clients can book and answer their discovery call form in one simple flow.

Make it easy to agree to terms

Integrate your contract agreement

Your clients can legally agree to your client service agreement right from their phone. No need to download an app. Native e-signatures are coming soon!

"All in one place. Client records, contact details, and connections with email/chat. Love the packages function. Practice really makes self management by the client work!"

Save time with Practice

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Do you have a free contract agreement template?

We do! You can use it with Practice and our forms and contracts feature, or you can download the free contract agreement template here

Can you track habits using your forms?

Yes, you can. Our forms can be as simple or as robust as you make them – so to make an easy habit tracking form, you can create a 1-2 question form that clients can fill out regularly. 

What kind of templates do you have, so I don't have to start from scratch?

There's a number of them! Every brand new Practice account has the following templates ready to be used as is, or edited to fit your coaching needs: 

  • Coaching discovery call form
  • Quarterly feedback form
  • Pre-session update form
  • Meeting prep form
  • Testimonial request form

And we'll be adding much, much more!

How many forms can I have in my account?

Unlimited! There’s no restriction on how many forms you can have.

What question types do you support?

We support, short-text, long-text, multiple choice, scale (1-5), file upload, custom field mapping, statement fields and last but not least, legal fields. Of course, each question can also be optional or required.

How do I share forms with clients?

Forms can be included directly in schedulers and workflows or, you can share a unique form with a client. Because each form has it’s its own unique URL, these are easy ways to share directly with your client.

Where is the response stored?

All form and contract data is stored natively in Practice. You’ll see each and every submission in the client record and in the form overview pages.

Can you help migrate my existing forms?

Absolutely! Simply send a message to: or read about our migration experience.

Can I add my own branding to forms and contracts?

You're able to customize colors across not only your forms, but your schedulers and public profile page as well so your clients get a seamless experience of your brand.