Free account migration to Practice

Think of us like a partner, but for your coaching business. We make migrating to Practice so seamless that you'll think we're lightening in a bottle. Let our team do the heavy lifting so you don't have to 💪

Migrate for free

How does the free migration work?

Migrating to Practice is so easy, we're here to help you through it.

Upload & share your files

Simply export a CSV from your existing platform, or share a working Google sheet (or Excel) document with us and we'll turn it into client records for you.

We'll set up your account

Based on what you share, we'll get your account set up with your clients, custom fields, forms (and more!) to make switching easy.

You're up & running!

Once your account is ready, we'll put some time on the calendar to walk you through everything for a smooth hand-off so you can get up-to-speed quickly.

What's included?

We'll do our best to transfer as much of your coaching business into Practice. Once the process begins, we'll work with you to ensure a clean transitional experience for both you & your clients.

Included in the migration
Client names, emails and custom fields
Appointment history on your Google calendar
Forms used for client intake, discovery
Library files and links
Library folders and content hierarchy
Client notes
Legal agreements
Client emails and threads
Availability for appointments
Scheduler settings & configurations
Not included in the migration
Settings from your prior account
Payment history or payment schedules
Canned emails or templates
Previously created invoices
Tasks for you or your clients
Book keeping records

Complete a quick form to get started

We get it! You're busy 😄
Sometimes the hardest part is simply getting started. Our team makes that super easy for you. Once we understand your migration requirements, our team will be in touch to kick off the process with you.