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Boost Productivity With These 15 Virtual Assistant Software Tools

Boost Productivity With These 15 Virtual Assistant Software Tools

Learn about the best virtual assistant software and how it helps you run a more agile business. Plus, discover how AI and automation save time.


Leverage technology and automation to boost your productivity.

As a virtual assistant, you help businesses and executives streamline administrative tasks and stay organized. That’s why you must run efficient operations yourself. And while you already possess excellent organizational skills, having the right tools helps. 

That’s where virtual assistant software steps in.

This software allows you to manage time, meet and communicate with clients, and track projects. And when you combine the power of several tools into an asset suite, you minimize error and streamline tasks — both significant advantages. 

Here’s how to build a better virtual assistant business, starting with the right tools. 

What is virtual assistant software?

Virtual assistant software covers tools –– such as schedulers, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, time trackers, communication apps, and more –– support professionals use to improve workflow and client interactions. 

No matter the nature, this software keeps data safe, automates tasks, and makes it easier for clients to get in touch, pay invoices, or schedule tasks. 

Remember, virtual assistant software differs from intelligent virtual assistant software (IVA), although these terms seem similar. The latter is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool (i.e., chatbots) that communicates with clients instead of live customer support agents. 

Why should you use virtual assistant software?

You, of course, want an automated system that helps you save time and work more efficiently. But for professionals with a rhythm and successful working methods, is implementing new software worth it? Yes. Here’s why: 

  • Keeps data safe: Whenever working with sensitive client data, you should have a secure system to store it. CRM tools organize information and provide a platform for guarded communication. Some, like Practice’s, also allow you to receive payments securely.
  • Automates repetitive tasks: AI tools and schedulers automate tasks, such as sending meeting reminders or setting timers. This saves you time and headspace, letting you focus on more important work. 
  • Tracks your time and activity: Chances are you bill your clients hourly or by tasks, and tracking your work can be stressful. Never set another timer or log hours in a spreadsheet with a time-tracking tool that automatically calculates how long you’ve worked. 


15 apps for virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are professionals who intuit clients' needs and interface well with others. 

Using virtual assistant tools to automate simple tasks, improve communication, and ensure that neither you nor your clients miss a beat keeps work flowing and allows you to focus on the finer points of your work, like improving your customers’ experience and building relationships. Here are some of the best virtual assistant software tools on the market: 

Instant Messaging

Stay in constant contact with your clients using one of the following asynchronous messaging tools. You’ll never miss an important message or an opportunity to ask for clarification — even if both parties aren’t online. 

  • Slack: Slack is an instant messaging platform that allows users to organize conversations by themes or groups. You can also send documents and sync the app with popular project management tools, such as Trello. 
  • Twist: This messaging tool organizes information by threads and channels to avoid losing critical points amid social exchanges.

Video Conferencing

Meet face-to-face with your clients to discuss complex topics or get to know one another better with video conferencing tools. Virtual assistants can also use these platforms to schedule client meetings:

  • Zoom: This popular video conferencing tool allows you to schedule meetings ahead of time, send invites, and talk without a time limit (with a premium plan). 
  • Troop Messenger: This crossover tool handles instant messaging, calls, and video conferences. You can also securely send documents and share your screen. 
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams combines chat and video conferencing features, making it an all-in-one communication platform for virtual assistants who want to chat with clients and arrange online meetings. 

Time Tracking

Invoicing and “clocking in” take time and effort. The following software helps you log your hours instead of turning this task into more work:

  • Quidlo: With this tool, you can start and stop the timer as needed, filling out your timesheet as you work. Plus, the app doubles as a project management tool.
  • Time Doctor: The platform allows you to monitor your time, projects, and distractions. It also helps you foster a healthy work-life balance. 
  • Harvest: Harvest allows you to track time, send invoices, and receive payment. Plus, you can monitor the efficacy of your clients’ projects, budgets, and total hours worked on a specific initiative.

Scheduling and Appointments

Virtual assistants manage at least two schedules: the client’s and their own. And if you work with multiple clients, the number of tasks and meetings to keep track of increases exponentially. Here are a few tools to help you stay organized: 

  • Calendly: Calendly helps you schedule meetings without emailing to propose a time, change it, or remind participants. The app also makes it easy for people to share their calendars and find meeting times. 
  • Google Calendar: This Google Workspace tool is an excellent option for people who like to run multiple tasks in one place. G-Suite users can share Google Docs, save them on Google Drive, create collaborative spreadsheets, run a communal calendar, and send messages via Gmail. 
  • HubSpot Meeting Scheduler: HubSpot’s free meeting scheduling tool syncs with Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar, so parties can easily find a meeting time.

Project Management

Improve the functionality of projects with management tools that keep everyone on task. Here are a couple to consider: 

  • Basecamp: Basecamp is an all-in-one platform that allows you to message and share documents, track projects, and schedule events. Personal assistants typically use it when they want to tick off many tasks in one place. 
  • Trello: This tool offers task cards, team boards, and checklists that keep projects on track. 

AI tools 

Leverage the latest technology, and automate tasks to save time. Here are a few AI helpers that smooth out your workflow:

  • Alexa and Siri: Android and iOS users likely already have access to an AI assistant: Alexa or Siri, respectively. Call on these voice-command bots to perform tasks such as scheduling meetings, setting timers, or sending reminders. 
  • Fireflies: This AI tool automates meeting notes so you can listen to your client instead of transcribing. You can also use it to document clients’ meetings and easily draft minutes afterward.

Add Practice’s tools to your kit

Pratice’s Client Management Software –– made with coaches, small business owners, and entrepreneurs in mind –– is the perfect fit for virtual assistants. It allows you to store sensitive information, message clients, send documents (such as contracts), and receive secure credit card payments –– all in one place. 

Also, check out our blog that helps virtual assistants become more productive with guides on how to draft a contract, manage time successfully, and implement excellent scheduling habits. We also show you how to perfect soft skills like communicating well with clients and improving interactions. Try it today.

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