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ADHD Coaching Client Profile Form Template

Are you an ADHD coach looking to streamline your client onboarding process? The ADHD Coaching Client Profile Form Template is the simple solution for you. This comprehensive form template helps you quickly get the information you need from your clients to start the onboarding process. It is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of your client’s current situation, goals, and challenges.

The form template includes questions about the client’s background, current circumstances, and future aspirations. It also asks about their experience with ADHD coaching and any other related topics. This allows you to get a clear picture of the individual and their needs before the onboarding process. Additionally, the form template can be customized to meet the specific needs of your practice.

Using this form template will save you time and make the client onboarding process easier. It helps you get the information you need quickly and accurately. The data collected can be stored securely and used to create a personalized plan for each client. This template is an invaluable resource for any ADHD coach looking to help their clients succeed.

ADHD Coaching Client Profile Form Template

  1. Nickname (if any)

  2. Phone number

  3. Preferred method of contact

  4. Relationship Status:

  5. Do you have children?

  6. Is there anything I need to know to better communicate with you? (Pet peeves, things that make you shut down, habits, tendency to interrupt or talk over others)

  7. Your favorite thing right now: (book, song, artist, movie/tv show, podcast, hobby/activity)

  8. Greatest challenge you've overcome:

  9. What types of things do you do to relax or recharge? How often do you get the chance to do these activities?

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