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Relationship Coaching Satisfaction Template

Are you a relationship coach looking for an effective way to measure the success of your sessions? Look no further than the Relationship Coaching Satisfaction Template!

This template provides a simple and straightforward way to gain valuable insights into how your clients perceive their experience with you. It helps to measure the effectiveness of your sessions and gives you a better understanding of what you need to do to provide the highest quality of service.

The Relationship Coaching Satisfaction Template includes questions that will help you to understand how your clients feel about their progress and the quality of your services. It also includes a helpful rating scale so you can easily get an indication of how satisfied your clients are with the coaching they have received.

With this template, you can collect data quickly and efficiently, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about your coaching sessions. You can also use the data to track progress and make improvements over time.

The Relationship Coaching Satisfaction Template is the perfect way to ensure your clients are getting the highest quality of service. It will help you to better understand how your clients feel about their experience, giving you the insights you need to be the best relationship coach you can be.

Relationship Coaching Satisfaction Template

Rank the following statements from 1 to 5. 1 = Strong Disagree and 5 = Strongly Agree.

  1. I am open to using new techniques that will enhance my relationship.
  2. I am satisfied with my current relationship.
  3. I am committed to making my relationships work.
  4. I feel supported by my partner(s) when I am obtaining my goals.
  5. I would like to feel more understood and accepted by my partner.
  6. I would like to better understand and accept my partner as they are.
  7. I mostly trust my partner with my thoughts and feelings.
  8. I believe my partner mostly trusts me with their thoughts and feelings.
  9. I feel my partner is my friend.
  10. I enjoy spending time with my partner.
  11. I feel intimacy is an important aspect in my relationship and I would like more of it.
  12. I would like support in discussing challenging topics (finances, parenting, sex, politics, etc.)
  13. I have a hard time letting go of the past and feel some resentment toward my partner.
  14. I hold myself accountable for the mistakes I have made in my relationship and life.
  15. I am committed to the coaching process in hopes of having a deeper connection and more intimate relationship.
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