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Resume Review Form Template for Career Coaches

Are you a career coach looking for a way to streamline your resume review sessions with your clients? Look no further! This Resume Review Form Template for Career Coaches is the perfect solution.

This form is designed to provide an efficient and organized approach to resume review sessions. It allows coaches to quickly capture relevant information about their client's experiences, qualifications, and goals. It also allows clients to provide additional information that may be relevant to their job search.

The template is easy to use, and coaches can customize it to fit their individual needs. It also allows coaches to provide feedback and advice to their clients, so they can make the necessary changes to their resumes and increase their chances of job success.

This Resume Review Form Template for Career Coaches is the perfect way to make resume review sessions more efficient and productive. It provides coaches with the information they need to help their clients succeed in the job search process.

Resume Review Form Template for Career Coaches

  1. What is your goal(s) for this session? Has it changed since you initially booked this appointment?

  2. What are the top 2-3 questions that you need to be answered by the end of our session?

  3. How will you hold yourself accountable to accomplish the next steps we outline at the end of this session?

  4. Upload the current version of your resume here

  5. Please provide your LinkedIn URL

  6. What companies + roles are you looking for in tech?

  7. Write down a few highlights of your 30second networking pitch about yourself and your career goals.

  8. What is your 3-5 year career vision for yourself?

  9. What may be holding you back from achieving your career goals?

  10. How do you currently hold yourself accountable for reaching your goals?

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