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Relationship Coaching Inventory Form Template

Are you looking for a way to measure the success of your relationship coaching sessions? This Relationship Coaching Inventory Form Template can help!

This is the perfect way to get to the heart of the matter and gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship you are coaching. The simple questions focus on the area of the relationship that requires the most attention, so that you can provide your clients with an effective coaching experience.

The form is easy to customize and takes only a few minutes to complete. It is designed to help you understand the dynamics of the relationship, from communication and expectations to values, goals, and overall satisfaction.

With this Relationship Coaching Inventory Form Template, you will be able to gain a comprehensive overview of the relationship and provide your clients with the guidance they need to create a strong and lasting bond. The results of the form will provide you with the information you need to create an effective and individualized coaching plan.

Your clients will appreciate the personalized solutions you are able to provide after taking the time to analyze their responses. This form template will help you to provide your clients with the best service possible and help them create the relationships they desire.

Relationship Coaching Inventory Form Template

  1. Client Name

  2. Name of Relationship Partner

  3. When did this relationship begin?

  4. Amount of time together?

  5. Relationship Type (lover, friend, hook up, etc.)

  6. Describe in detail how you met this person.

  7. Describe how you felt throughout the stages of the relationship.

  8. What was the absolute best thing about this relationship?

  9. What was the absolute worst thing about this relationship?

  10. What, if anything, do you wish you could experience with this person again?

  11. What, if any, personal regrets do you experience from this relationship?

  12. Describe HOW this relationship ended: (If current, write NA)

  13. Describe WHY this relationship ended: (If current, write NA)

  14. What, if anything, would you say to this person if you had the chance? Please use "you" statements as though you are talking directly to them. (For Example, YOU were the love of my life, YOU were a bad choice for me, YOU will always be important to me, YOU hurt me, YOU set impossible standards for me. etc.

  15. Write the exact same paragraph as above only this time use “I” statements. (for example: “I” was the love of my life, “I” was a bad choice for me, “I” will always be important to me, “I” hurt me, “I” set impossible standards for me, etc. The statement itself does not have to instantly ring true. Just step out of your comfort zone and write the work as designed in order to receive your breakthrough.

  16. After re-reading and reflecting on the two previous questions please answer the following. Do you need to forgive this person or do you need to be forgiven, or both?

  17. Do you feel a sense of peace in your relationship with this person? In other words, were you able to experience a feeling of completion with no loose strings or unspoken communication? (Is there anything that needs to be said?)

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