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ADHD Coaching: Helping Your Clients Manage Their Condition

ADHD Coaching: Helping Your Clients Manage Their Condition

Learn about ADHD coaching and how you can help clients with this condition. Expand your services by finding out how to become an ADHD coach.


Contemporary life has us always on the go. We work long hours, have stressful commutes, and are often on our screens. If we’re not reading the news, we’re watching our friends’ lives unfold on social media. 

We take refuge from these distractions in popular activities like meditation, yoga, and self-care. But modern life doesn’t make it easy for us to concentrate or find mental peace — especially when it comes time to focus on work and responsibilities. 

Individuals with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may have an even harder time concentrating and avoiding distractions. Staying organized is challenging for people with this condition, as is finding motivation and resisting impulses. 

People with ADHD may seek the help of a coach to learn how to better organize their time, solve problems, and stay focused. After all, much of our work as coaches — no matter our specialty — concerns helping people with these three tasks. 

In this article, we’ll address how coaches can work with individuals who want to increase their productivity and streamline tasks while dealing with the implications of ADHD. It’s rewarding work for all parties involved.

What’s ADHD coaching?

All coaches help their clients reach goals and overcome obstacles — ADHD coaching is no different. 

Coaches aren’t healthcare or mental health professionals like psychologists or therapists — we aren’t looking to change one’s condition or help them deal with emotional implications. Instead, we equip our clients to succeed, no matter the roadblocks in their way — including ADHD symptoms. 

An ADHD coach is a life coach with a solid understanding of ADHD. They understand the symptoms and manifestations of this condition. ADHD life coaches work with individuals and groups and help their clients find solutions to the obstacles that this condition presents in daily life — whether at work, in their relationships, or at school. 

More pointedly, ADHD coaches help their clients: 

  • Identify ADHD symptoms through self-awareness
  • Set goals 
  • Practice healthier decision-making
  • Learn how to prioritize tasks 
  • Find motivation 
  • Avoid procrastination 
  • Learn better organizational skills 
  • Use planning and scheduling effectively
  • Prioritize problem-solving as issues arise 
  • Implement time management strategies
  • Control stress and impulses 
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem 
  • Improve memory 
  • Learn self-regulation 

Who benefits from ADHD coaching?

While ADHD coaching is geared toward those diagnosed with this condition, it also helps people with ADHD-like symptoms or who want guidance achieving better organization and focus. College students are great candidates for this type of coaching since they have to balance their studies in and out of the classroom and manage a complicated schedule — perhaps for the first time in their lives.

From adolescents to older adults, ADHD coaching is for clients of all ages. ADHD coaching is for clients of all ages. Children may attend coaching sessions with an adult, like a parent, to feel comfortable and supported. No matter the client’s age, the most crucial factor is their willingness to stay the course and change habits. 


Becoming an ADHD coach

While anyone can become an ADHD coach, it’s essential to go in prepared and informed. To get a proper education before starting with clients, consider taking a certification program that meets the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO)’s criteria to appear on the List of Professional ADHD Coaches.

Here are a few coaching programs and training organizations recommended by the ACO: 

Here are some other things to consider before becoming an ADHD coach:

  • Train: Learn all you can about your new line of work by studying independently and keeping up with the latest field research. Consider doing a training or certification program like the ones listed above.
  • Make a business plan: Plan how you’ll structure and advertise your business. Define your target audience and a strategy for reaching them through marketing. Set financial goals and consider any overhead and start-up costs. 
  • Register your business: Determine how you need to register your business and outline the steps your state requires to legally establish your company.
  • Create your brand. Define the look and feel of your brand by creating a logo, deciding on a color scheme, and establishing a voice. This way, you'll use consistent guidelines whenever posting about or advertising your company. Consistency gives your company validity and generates trust and confidence among potential clients. 
  • Promote your services. Put your marketing plan into action. If you don’t know where to start, market your services on social media. This is a free-to-low-cost approach to marketing, and you can invite satisfied clients and followers to help you spread the word. 

Practice what you preach 

As we help our ADHD clients lead a more organized life, we can streamline our own. Keep all your important client data and scheduling information in one place using a customer relationship management (CRM) system

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