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iOS 2.0: A full redesign of our mobile experience

iOS 2.0: A full redesign of our mobile experience

We've redesigned the mobile experience on iOS to make it easier to get to the things you care about. Messaging, sharing files, and finding all of the important elements of your coaching business just became a whole lot easier.


The latest mobile release iOS 2.0.0 brings some exciting updates to our coaching community.

The mobile experience has become a central part of Practice and how we improve the accessibility to the engagements and tools that coaches use to run their business on Practice. This update is available for coaches and clients today.


Your home page is an easier jump point to send clients messages and preview your day.

With the messages bubbles at the top of your home screen, send a quick note or response to any of your recent clients.

Quick Find

Our coaches shared that one of the most common needs on the mobile experience is to improve the ease of use to share some of the most common objects in their coaching practice. We've built a Quick Find tool that highlights commonly shared tools in your practice with Schedulers, Packages, Products and Form Templates.

Within your Quick Find view, you'll see and create: 

  • Upcoming appointments
  • Shared invoices and their status
  • Recently submitted forms
  • Files and links

And of course, you can create any of those directly within each view, too.



Not only does the improved client view make it easier to access client records, but chatting with each and every client is only a tap away.

In addition to the updated timeline view, the header of each client record view now accounts for every aspect of your engagements with a client.

Easily view To-Do's and Package Fulfillment

If you, or your clients are on an Apple/iOS mobile device, you're able to check out this new experience today! To access the latest version of this release on iOS, simply download the Practice app from the app store:

Do you have any questions about the latest release? Feedback about what you'd like to see next? Feel free to send us a note or visit our help site.
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