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How to Start a Successful Online Coaching Business

How to Start a Successful Online Coaching Business

Learn how to start an online coaching business and set it on the path to success. Find out how Practice’s CRM tool can help you stay organized.


The internet has taken the world by storm. From communication to grocery orders, the digital universe has simplified almost everything on the planet. Most of our tasks have moved online, including professional ones. Business owners can meet with clients halfway across the world on a video call, send and sign documents virtually, and take bookings from strangers who stumbled upon their services on the web. 

Some businesses were compelled to go virtual after the COVID-19 pandemic. Many individuals even sought virtual therapy and coaching services due to plunging satisfaction and happiness levels. Virtual coaching enabled people to connect with professionals outside their local area and focus on finding the perfect fit instead of only looking at options nearby, expanding their geographic reach. 

If you’re a coach or considering becoming one, you could launch your business online to reap benefits such as cost and time efficiency. You’ll even work with clients from diverse backgrounds. Learn all about conducting an online coaching business and if it’s right for you. 

How to start an online coaching business

Before we discuss why it’s smart to take your coaching business online, here’s our ultimate guide to getting started in this profession. 

1. Choose a coaching niche: Your client pool will attract people from various backgrounds and specialties, so brainstorm online coaching business ideas. Reach a more targeted audience by choosing a niche such as health, career, or transformational coaching.

2. Develop your program: Design your online coaching program, and define your services and packages. Research the market to compare your services and charges with your peers’. Assess the duration of their programs and what they include. Ask yourself what you can do to stand out. 

3. Choose an online coaching business model: Decide whether you’ll offer tailored one-on-one coaching sessions or group webinars for common goals. Consider outlining popular programs based on your niche, such as quitting smoking. It’s wise to write a comprehensive online coaching business plan that details your services, target market, fees, and what sets your company apart.

4. Estimate your costs: Market research will provide you an idea about how much your peers are charging. Consider the cost of the following:

  • Video calling platform (like Zoom, Google Meets, or WebX)
  • Customer relationship manager (CRM) program
  • Website hosting fees
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Office supplies (including internet, headset, and unique lights) 

5. Define your prices: After completing market research on similar services, set your prices. Openly mention them on your website, or create a PDF price sheet you can send to interested potential clients. 

6. Market your services: Since you’ll be offering online services, market them in this space. Create a business profile on social media platforms, or consider publishing browser ads to boost traction. 

Before you get started

Now that you know how to jumpstart your online business, here are a few tips to follow: 

  • Stick to your niche: Once you choose your target audience, stay with it –– even if it’s slow going. Be clear on your website when explaining why you’re great at this type of coaching. 
  • Be flexible on the tech: Not all coaching clients work the same way. For example, you may prefer Zoom, but a client might only use Microsoft Teams. Adjust with your clients’ needs to better cater to them. 
  • Build an online brand: Connect with your existing and potential clients via social media channels and your website to upsell. Use colors, fonts, and a theme that best describes your brand. You could also use a template for inspiration. If you’re working on a budget, seek help from a professional designer.

Why should you go online?

Here are a few reasons to consider this business format: 

  • Scalability: The sky’s the limit with an online business. You can quickly scale up without renting a bigger office space or hiring employees. All you need is a good CRM and a better understanding of your schedule and limits. 
  • Efficiency: Online coaching can take less time than providing in-person services. You don’t have to commute to work or close up shop at the end of the day, making the whole process time-efficient and productive.
  • Low overhead: Online businesses have lower operational costs. You don’t have to rent office space, spend on your commute, or invest in furniture. You only need a fast-working device, a stable WiFi connection, and quality software to track clients’ progress and histories. 

Tool talk 

Shifting or launching operations online is not only efficient but also smart, as there are tools to help. In other words, some of the work to set up your business is already done for you. 

Practice’s customer relationship management (CRM) tool was explicitly designed with coaches in mind. You can get a good camera, headset, and lighting for your video calls, and we’ll help you take care of the rest. Our virtual platform allows you to message and bill clients you’ve never met in person. You can also send documents, like your coaching agreement, to prospective clients across the country and take appointment bookings right on the app. You can also scale up as much as you want since our app allows unlimited clients. Try it today.

Free coaching contract templates

We worked with our lawyers to create coaching contract templates, free for any coach to use. Plus, a couple of sample agreements.

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