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How To Build a Weekly Goals Template (template included)

How To Build a Weekly Goals Template (template included)

Make sure you're taking the right considerations into play when building your weekly goals template. You'll want to create the right format for success!


Helping your clients achieve their goals can be done in many ways. Or, if you’re looking to leverage a weekly goals template for yourself, you can use this format as a great tool to use for the sake of keeping your business affairs in line.

It’s important to make sure that your goals are realistic and achievable. We set goals because that’s our finish line. Whether it’s life goals, business goals or simply a personal goal that you’re setting — give yourself the chance to succeed. Consider using a SMART goals format or building your own measurable structure that works for you.

Structure your personal goals

Ultimately your goals strategy should be a collective of big and small goals and step-by-step they will achieve your personal or business goals. You don’t want to be building a goal-setting strategy and creating a goal-setting template that doesn’t put you in a position to succeed.

Start with your personal goals: What do you want to accomplish for yourself? Or for your business? Or for your clients? Once you can envision the end state of where you’d like your goals to take you, it’s time to build our action plan!

First, let’s break it down and then move on to your monthly goals: these are building blocks that lead up to our higher-level personal goals or business goals.

Next, we’ll break it down even further and get into the weekly goals: how can we take what we aim to accomplish in a month and create actionable steps that put us in a position to excel each and every day?

By taking our big goals and breaking them down into smaller actionable steps, we create very specific daily goals or weekly goals that lead to our long-term goals :)

Weekly goals template strategies:

There are a few different ways to think about building your strategy to develop a consistent weekly goals program for yourself or your client.

  1. Use a habit tracker: habits can be fundamental to building the right kinds of
  2. Use a weekly planner or build a weekly schedule: If you look at a week as a time box, then your ability to accomplish larger projects may be easier. Looking at what you can get done in a week allows you to look at an entire week of tasks and prioritize the ones you’re most excited about. Your weekly goals should ultimately build up to your monthly goals.
  3. Use a daily goal list: by using a daily goal list, you can break down your objectives and tasks each day. This kind of format simplifies the work you (or your client) need to achieve each day. This might come in form of a to-do list or even a simple checklist.

Weekly goals template format:

What are the important to have on a weekly goals template? There are a few things that you’ll want to outline as part of your goal-setting process.

Things to remember: What are the things that you’d like to remember on a frequent basis? This might be related to your eating, sleeping, daily work or any of the above!

Tasks to achieve: Some might consider this a to-do list in some format, but your tasks to achieve are very much what you want to get done! So, your weekly goals template should absolutely have a space to record the tasks you want to achieve.  

Affirmation: As part of your weekly goals, you might want to also consider creating a place on your goal planner template to give yourself some kudos. If you’re putting in the work each and every day to achieve your goals, it’s okay to pat yourself on the back every now and then ;)

Execute your way!

There are multiple ways to actually execute your daily or long-term goals. You use anything from a printable weekly goal planner, a digital planner, a list template, or maybe a bullet journal is your tool of choice. Ultimately you need to assess the right format for how you can keep yourself accountable. The tool you choose should make your life easier, not harder. Any kind of weekly planner template that you decide to use should be easily accessible and not create an excessive amount of work for yourself.

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Enjoy our downloadable free printable weekly goals template and be sure to explore a few coaching goals examples.  

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