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Goals Worksheet

Setting goals is an important part of personal and professional growth, but it is often difficult to know where to start. The Goals Worksheet template provides an effective, easy-to-use way to identify, prioritize, and start pursuing your goals.

This template offers a simple, step-by-step approach to goal setting. First, you’ll identify your desired outcome and the timeframe for achieving it. Then you’ll break down the goal into smaller, more achievable steps. Finally, you’ll identify the resources you need to make progress on your goal.

The Goals Worksheet template will help you stay focused, organized, and motivated as you work toward achieving your goals. It’s user-friendly and can be used for any type of goal, from personal development to career advancement. With this template, you’ll be able to break down long-term goals into actionable, achievable steps. Plus, you’ll be able to track your progress and make adjustments along the way.

Whether you’re a professional looking to help your clients achieve their goals or an individual looking to take control of your own destiny, the Goals Worksheet template is an invaluable tool. With its straightforward approach and easy-to-use format, you’ll be able to start achieving your goals with confidence.

Goals Worksheet

  1. Identify up to 3 primary areas you want to focus on during our coaching relationship. The goals should be challenging (so you remain interested) and achievable (realistic). To help you, try answering the question "How specifically would you like you, or your life, to be different after coaching with me?" For each focus area write a simple heading and do your best to describe 'measurable' results - how you know you have succeeded or are on track.

  2. Goal 1 -

  3. I'll know I've succeeded when...

  4. Goal 2 -

  5. I'll know I've succeeded when...

  6. Goal 3 -

  7. I'll know I've succeeded when...

  8. Secondary goals can be included to give you additional value from coaching. You will work on these yourself during the coaching period. They are not required, but brainstorm any additional aims you may want support with, or would like to tackle as you grow. (In general these are smaller things, like cleaning out a closet, updating your resume, or complimenting your partner daily until it becomes habit.) Please be sure these secondary goals are distinct from your primary goals, only one sentence long, and contain that 'measurable' aspect within the goal.

  9. Secondary Goal #1

  10. Secondary Goal #2

  11. Secondary Goal #3

  12. Secondary Goal #4

  13. Secondary Goal #5

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