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New Client Questionnaire for High Performance Coaches

Are you a high performance coach looking for a way to get to know your clients? The New Client Questionnaire for High Performance Coaches is the perfect way to get a comprehensive picture of the person you’ll be working with.

The questionnaire starts by introducing the client to the coaching process and your expectations. Then, it dives into the specifics of the client: their current situation and challenges, what they hope to get from the coaching, and their prior experiences with coaching.

The questionnaire is designed to be comprehensive yet easy to complete. It's broken into sections, each with clear objectives and questions that are tailored to the individual. By the end of the questionnaire, you’ll have a better understanding of the client’s goals and how they can best be achieved.

The questionnaire is a great tool to use in the beginning of any coaching program. It helps you to quickly identify any potential challenges, allows you to assess the client’s needs, and sets the stage for a successful coaching relationship. By taking the time to complete the questionnaire, you can ensure you have all the information you need to create a customized plan for your client and help them reach their high performance coaching goals.

New Client Questionnaire for High Performance Coaches

  1. What do you want to be sure to get from the coaching relationship?
  2. How do you want me to be as your coach?
  3. What do you want to work on with coaching?
  4. What two steps could you take immediately that would help you move forward?
  5. What can I say to you when you are stuck that will help you move forward?
  6. What changes might you need to make to help your coaching be successful?
  7. What do you want from your career?
  8. What projects are you involved with?
  9. What are your key career goals?
  10. What skills or knowledge are you developing?
  11. How do your career goals support your personal goals?
  12. What do you want to do to support your career goals?
  13. What do you need to change to help your career move forward?
  14. What special interests do you have?
  15. What special knowledge do you have?
  16. What do you believe in strongly?
  17. Tell me about a time when you were operating in a peak performance phase, when things were going really well or you were very pleased with what you were doing or accomplishing.  Don’t be humble please.  What was going on?  Who was involved?  What feelings did you have?
  18. What do you do when things get stressful?
  19. What activities have special meaning for you?
  20. What vision do you have for your life?
  21. Tell me about your family and personal life:
  22. Tell me about significant events in your life:
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