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Executive Coaching Prices 2023

Executive Coaching Prices 2023

Based on data from the 2023 State of Coaching Report, 87 executive coaches from 18 countries were surveyed for the following pricing insights. We hope you find it as insightful as we did, and if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at


Executive coaching can be an incredibly opaque industry. What do executive coaches do? How does someone become an executive coach? How much do executive coaches charge their clients?  Is Tony Robbins an executive coach? We're going to try to answer most of these questions with concrete details so you can come away understanding exactly what others in the executive coaching space charge, per service. 

So, how much should you charge for executive coaching?

You will see a large pricing range in our data, which is inline with our anecdotal experience of talking to hundreds of executive coaches. New coaches will typically charge nothing at all and industry veterans turned coaches who have 30 years of experience can charge a lot more. Let's get into the pricing details. 

How much are one-on-one sessions in executive coaching?

For one-on-one sessions (typically hourly), coaches reported charging anywhere from $0-$6000 for a single session. We're also able to report the median price, which is $205 USD and the average price, which is $346.43 USD

Compared to non-executive coaches (career coaches, life coaches, business coaches, etc) that were surveyed in the 2023 State of Coaching, executive coaches charge an average of 38.7% more. About $96.78 USD more per individual session.

How much are executive coaching group rates in 2023?

When we look at services outside of the one-on-one offering, there are group sessions, courses and memberships. These services are typically very attractive because it allows executive coaches to scale their time and commonly sold as a monthly retainer or subscription. 


Group Coaching Prices

Group coaching prices ranged from $0-$4500 USD per person, per group session. Average pricing was $266.63 USD, likely skewed towards some of the ultra high priced coaches. The median pricing was a much lower $80.00 USD. 

Coaching Course Prices

Courses followed the same pattern as group coaching prices for executive coaches. The full range was $0-$7500 USD per course. The average pricing was $1,605.31 USD and the median pricing was $725 USD per course. 

Coaching Membership Prices

Memberships wasn't a common offering for most executive coaches, but if you are looking at selling a membership or community offering, here's what we found. The full range was $0-$1000 USD. The average membership pricing was $433.00 USD per year and the median pricing was $299 USD per year. 

How certifications status affects coaching prices 

An interesting finding from the State of Coaching, was how certification status affected coaching prices. We didn't specific where the credentialed coaches got certifications (and whether they were accredited with the ICF), or their level of credentials (mcc, pcc, etc)

77 out of the 87 executive coaches we surveyed were certified (not specified to ICF). When looking at how certification status affected how much coaches charged, from the State of Coaching Report, you can see a strong correlation. Those who had done a certification, tended to charge more, a lot more. 

If you're interested in how these numbers showed up for our life coaching or leadership coaching segments, you can see the State of Coaching report or visit the life coaching specific breakdown here. 

Some other resources on executive coach pricing

If you're interested in a deep dive into how a CEO turned coach fine tuned his pricing, you can read the detailed breakdown of Practice co-founder, Julien Smith's coaching business — Open Coaching: $100,994 in 18 months as a part-time executive coach (3 hours/week).

If you're interested in a video walk through instead of another article, you can watch this webinar where Julien gets into the details of his pricing journey, how he found his target market, how he changed business models and more. 


We hope you found these findings helpful. If you're an executive coach, or soon-to-be executive coach that's looking for a platform to start or streamline all your back end office tasks — that's what we do incredibly well here at Practice and we're an official partner of the International Coach Federation. Try it free for 7 days!

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