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How to Find Coaching Clients on LinkedIn

How to Find Coaching Clients on LinkedIn

Learn how to find clients on LinkedIn and how it can help you grow your coaching business. Plus, discover how to make the best profile page.


LinkedIn puts the “network” in “social network.” 

This social media platform helps people connect over work opportunities and share entrepreneurial interests. For instance, colleagues link with peers, companies find the right professional for a job, and individuals seek employment opportunities per their preferences. 

As a coach, leverage LinkedIn to advertise your practice, meet new people, and boast about your accomplishments so potential clients can find and work with you.  

Here’s everything you need to know about how to find clients on LinkedIn, grow your brand, and collaborate with peers. 

The benefits of LinkedIn for coaching

As an entrepreneur, you may face unique challenges, and one could be promoting your business. You must know how to market your services, find new leads, and establish yourself as trustworthy and reliable. And getting the word out about your business or freelance services on LinkedIn reaps many benefits. Here are just a few: 

  • Brand-building: Even if you’re already on social media apps such as Facebook or Instagram and have a website, establishing a presence on LinkedIn propels your brand identity. Use all the same branding materials –– such as your logo, company colors, and voice –– on LinkedIn as you would on other socials. This helps users recognize your brand and connect with you.
  • Network expansion: This is an obvious claim for a networking app. LinkedIn interconnects individuals who have never met (and perhaps would never meet) in person. As a coach, connect with old colleagues sitting on different continents and seek referrals to grow your client base. 
  • Google search ranks: If users search for your business online, your website and references to your achievements may be the top hits. But if it takes some scrolling to find your coaching company on the web, having a LinkedIn account helps. Plus, since LinkedIn is a reputable site, Google favors it in results. And you can increase your chances of organic visits to your LinkedIn page with search engine optimization (SEO). Use keywords in your website, blog, and social media (especially LinkedIn) content so you show up in Google searches when people look for “wellness” and “coaching.”

How to find ideal clients on LinkedIn

Leverage LinkedIn’s networking and digital marketing power through the following tips:

  • Power up your profile: Provide viewers with as much information as possible about your business and yourself by using the entire space of your LinkedIn profile. Write a strong “About” section that clearly describes your services and specialty area, and use the other sections such as Experience, Education, and Licenses and Certifications to highlight your degrees, courses, and past jobs. Use a professional headshot and your company logo on the banner to create a great first impression. 
  • Create valuable content about coaching: Post relevant and practical material on LinkedIn. Share articles about your specialty area or practice, and create content yourself highlighting your industry expertise and providing valuable information for your peers and potential clients. You can also write blog pieces, hosted on your website, about coaching’s relevance and link to them on your LinkedIn page. 
  • Research the target market: Spend time looking at your peers’ profiles, and seek inspiration to make yours stand out. Glean keywords that describe your business well, and use them on your profile so your target audience can easily find you. If you work in the business, leadership, executive, or career coaching niches, your future clients are likely quite active on LinkedIn, so be sure to establish a presence on this platform. You can also engage with the content they post. This target audience is full of industry authorities in different fields and often creates native content that you can like or comment on. 
  • Join LinkedIn groups: Groups are an excellent way to connect with colleagues and stay up to date on industry trends. Join the conversation by entering groups with other LinkedIn users who value the coaching practice.
  • Network, network, network: We can’t stress this enough. Hit the “Connect” button often but with intention. Follow other professionals in the coaching industry, but avoid adding people you view as potential clients unless they’ve expressed interest. Connecting with people who may not want your services can make your business appear spammy.
  • Know when to take outreach elsewhere: LinkedIn provides an easy-to-use messaging tool, where you can casually chat with colleagues and potential clients. But when it’s time to take the conversation forward with a LinkedIn connection — for example, a new client who wants to book a session –– move to a long-term communication mode, such as email. 


How to keep your LinkedIn profile looking great

Once you’ve created your profile, check it periodically to ensure it’s still visually and textually relevant. For instance, if you earn a new certification or revamp your logo, add these changes immediately. Here are a few more tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile:

  • Customize your URL: Make it easier for people to find you on LinkedIn using a custom URL with your name. Here’s how:
  • Tap your profile picture at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. 
  • Click “View Profile.” 
  • Tap the edit icon (pencil) on the right side of your display picture.
  • Scroll down and select “Edit contact info.”
  • Tap your existing URL.
  • Personalize your URL per your preferences. (We recommend using your first and last name or the company’s name.
  • Make a solid first impression with a headline: Create a phrase that accurately describes your business, and change the headline as you grow. List your most recent job title, credentials, and key adjectives that summarize your work. 
  • Update your background image: Use this space for your company's logo (if it fits well) or another image related to your practice. If you change or create a new logo, update the banner. Use new profile pictures from time to time. 
  • Highlight your services and skill set: As you earn new certifications, attend conferences, or add services to your offering, add them to your profile. This makes a great first impression, ultimately driving more clients to your practice. 

Take your business to newer heights with Practice

As you make connections in the coaching world and take on new clients, you’ll need to keep information organized and your growing business agile. 

That’s where a customer relationship management (CRM) tool helps. Practice’s platform, made with coaches and small business owners in mind, allows you to securely store client data, send messages and documents, take bookings, and receive payment. 

We also launch helpful blogs daily to guide you every step of the way. Read up on content promotion, branding for coaching, business profiles, social media platforms, and leveraging your professional network on our blog. Try us today.

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