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Using Social Media as a Coach

Using Social Media as a Coach

Social Media is important for any business in the digital age as it helps drive awareness, engagement and growth.


As a coach, social media is a place to establish thought leadership, share resources and drive new leads to your coaching business. If you’re just getting your coaching business started, then using social media is an opportunity to empower, educate and inspire people. As you grow your business, you can start to share your results, client testimonials and personal insights.

Choosing the right platforms

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make as a coach when using social media is what platforms you’ll use regularly. You should research what platforms are being used by the people you want to work with.  There are the major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok. Outside of these main platforms, you may also find smaller social communities which fit your coaching niche.

Consistency vs. Quality

Your consistency is more important than quality when you’re getting started. It’s important that you're present across various channels so people can find and reach you. Over time you can focus on the quality of the content you share but initially it’s more important that you’re there and active.

“Document, don’t create.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

For many coaches, the idea of creating content can be overwhelming. An alternative to spending time researching and creating content, is as the social media guru Gary Vaynerchuck recommends. By focusing on documenting your life as a coach, you remove the mental effort of having to be creative and can focus on sharing your daily activities. Gary Vaynerchuck has some great insights on personal branding which you may find useful here. By opening the door on your daily life, you passively build rapport and trust which will drive new leads to your coaching business over time.

Get Inspired

One of the best ways to get ideas and inspiration for what to share or create is to follow other coaches. You'll find many coaches to follow in your local market or niche and of course the major players such as Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard are always sharing great content.


How can people get closer to you?

As a coach using social media, your primary goal is to build rapport passively through the content you share and create. It’s therefore important to consider how people can get closer to you when they engage with your online presence. Some ways may include:

  • Booking a Discovery Session
  • Download an eBook
  • Subscribe to your Newsletter
  • Attend your next Event
  • Book a Coaching Session
  • Join your Membership Community

Engage in Discussions

Aside from creating and sharing content on social media, you’ll want to start or engage in discussions. There are many open discussions already present on LinkedIn and Facebook Groups which will drive new people back to your pages.

Outsourcing your Social Media

Many businesses including coaches choose to outsource some or all of their digital marketing. You can find affordable social media freelancers to support with the content creation, publishing and community management elements of using social media. Here are some options which may be helpful:

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