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How to leverage your network as a coach

How to leverage your network as a coach

In this post we’ll explore some of the essentials you should consider to grow your network, establish your personal brand and add value in the process.


As a coach your ability to connect, network and add value will be vital to securing new clients and creating a successful coaching business. You’ll need to leverage your network to build and maintain your personal brand as a coach and grow your business.

Get Active

To build your coaching practice, you’ll need to get active in person and online. You’ll need to build rapport in various social and professional groups and maintain some level of engagement. If you’re unsure where to start, you may wish to explore and get active across some of the following channels.

Connect & Communicate

To expand your network you’ll need to allocate time to connect and communicate with new people online. You may wish to contribute your ideas and give a coaching perspective in online community conversations, share helpful resources and make introductions. You’ll want to add as much value as you can, wherever you can. There are always engaging discussions you can join on LinkedIn & Facebook Groups.

In person, it really comes down to having the confidence to say hello and engage with new people. Get comfortable with triggering the introduction and leading the conversation. Every conversation you have is an opportunity to create a new connection and make an impact. Be sure to connect with those you meet in person online so you can stay in contact with them.


Create, Curate & Share

Building your personal brand as a coach requires you to have an active online presence. If you’re just getting started then 15 minutes a day is enough to browse and share content which may be helpful for those in your online network. You can find some great content to share by visiting the International Coaching Federation blog here or by using Google News to search for specific topics.

To really establish yourself, you’ll want to create and share your own content which gives people a sense of who you are, what you believe and how you can help. When you’re ready to get creating, you can use a tool such as Canva to design for various platforms.

Ask Powerful Questions

Whether it’s online or in person, you can create memorable moments and connections by asking powerful coaching questions. Give people a taste of what you do and they may want to continue the journey with you professionally.

Encourage Referrals

Not everyone in your network may be a suitable client for you, but everyone is a bridge to a suitable client. It’s therefore vital you ask your network for referrals, so you get new introductions coming in to potential coaching clients.

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