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What Is a Coaching Directory and How Does It Work?

What Is a Coaching Directory and How Does It Work?

Directories help prospective clients find your services. Learn all about coaching directories and what details to include in your profile.


At any moment, someone could be searching for the type of coaching services you offer. Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a platform that connected coaches with prospective clients? We have good news — there is, and it’s called a coaching directory. 

These specialized databases allow clients to search for coaches online, and they can be far more effective than traditional advertising and word-of-mouth. People can filter coaches by geography, specialty, price, and other factors on these sites to find a perfect match. 

As professional coaches, we understand the challenges that come with bringing in new people. To improve your business, consider putting yourself out there by linking up with coaching directories. It’s time to meet your next client.   

What is a coaching directory?

Coaching directories provide coaches with a new place to promote their services and clients with an easy-to-use search engine to discover professionals who meet their needs. Each directory is unique, but most allow coaches to upload a concise profile outlining their area of expertise, location, and contact information. Clients use this information to filter through potential matches, homing in on a shortlist of professionals who align with their expectations rather than scouring the web for individual practices. 

Some coach databases not only have filter options, And certain directories require professionals to hold a coaching certification, provide services in a specific geographical area, or only offer online or in-person sessions. 

Do coaching directories really work?

Yes — coaching directories are effective platforms for connecting coaches and clients. And while they’re useful for people searching for a mentor, they also provide several benefits for the coaches who use them. Here’s how a directory could help your business: 

  • Showing off your credentials: Coaching directories act as living resumes. Professionals use these spaces to list their credentials and certifications for anyone on the web, including colleagues or future collaborators. 
  • Aiding marketing efforts: Marketing takes time and resources, especially for those who have just started their own business. Growing your network and earning referrals doesn’t happen overnight, so coaches often have to invest in paid social media, browser, and print advertisements to gain traction. Unfortunately, not everyone who sees these ads are looking for a coach. Adding directories to your toolkit creates excellent targeted marketing for your coaching services — on these platforms, you’re constantly pitching to people interested in your services. 
  • Adding credibility to your services: Coaching directories, especially those requiring coaches to have specific credentials to join, inspire an extra layer of confidence in your services. Unlike a regular browser search, clients searching on a directory can feel assured that the coaches they find are professionals. 


How to make the most out of coaching directories

Putting your business on a coaching directory list compliments a professional site or virtual resume. To take full advantage of these platforms and bring in as many new clients as possible, you should: 

  • Show off: You’re trying to make a solid first impression, so highlight your skills, credentials, and experience. Demonstrating you’re well prepared for the work isn’t bragging — it shows potential clients they can trust your expertise. 
  • Focus on fit: Pair up with a directory that services your niche. Yes, you can carve out a spot on some of the more extensive directories too, but be sure to create an entry on a niche-specific site. For example, you should join a life coach directory if you take a holistic approach to coaching or a business coach directory if you help professionals reach their full potential. 
  • Provide relevant information: Potential clients who love what they see as they read through your profile may be discouraged at the prospect of reaching out to learn about pricing or scheduling. Provide all the information in your profile you can, such as your rates and availability, so clients can make an informed decision at their own pace.  
  • Consider your budget: Not all coaching directories are free, so set aside a comfortable budget for these platforms. While we always encourage creating a business website and marketing your services across various channels, remember that coaching directories can offset some of your advertising costs. They can even replace the fee of hosting a site (if you’re comfortable only having a presence on these platforms). 

Coaching directories to check out

Finding the right directories for your business is a process, one made more difficult if you’re not sure where to start. Here are some options to consider in your search: 

  • CoachCompare: This directory focuses on online coaches in various niches, from business to accountability.
  • Noomii: Noomii is the largest online coach directory and allows individuals and organizations to search for professionals in various specializations. 
  • Lumia: Lumia offers a training program and hosts a directory for qualified coaches who have successfully completed their course. 
  • Bark: This vast database connects clients with professionals in numerous service areas, from housekeeping to coaching. 
  • WiseHead: WiseHead is a platform dedicated to connecting life, health and wellness, and business coaches with clients. The platform has a chat feature so clients can quickly contact coaches they’re interested in working with. 
  • This directory helps clients find coaches who can help them reach their wellness goals.
  • This page puts a spotlight on product coaches who work with high-performance business leaders and tech professionals.

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