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Mindset Coaching Pre-Session Form Template

Do you want to help your clients maximize their potential, reach their goals and find greater success? Mindset Coaching is a powerful tool in achieving this. The Mindset Coaching Pre-Session Form Template is designed to help you get the most out of your coaching sessions with your clients.

This template was created by a certified mindset coach who understands how to get the most out of each session and maximize results. It includes questions to help you gain a better understanding of your client's current mindset, thoughts and feelings, and any challenges they may be facing.

You can use this template to tailor each coaching session to your client's individual needs. The form is intended to be filled out by your client before the session, so that you can use the session time to discuss and work through the matters most important to them. It's also a great way to ensure consistency and focus throughout each coaching session.

Mindset Coaching Pre-Session Form Template

  1. Instagram (if applicable):
  2. How did you find me?
  3. What is the specific problem/issue you'd like to work on during the session?
  4. How long has this been a problem/issue for you?
  5. What is this problem preventing you from being/doing/having right now?
  6. What are the CURRENT beliefs you'd like to change in order to help resolve this problem?
  7. What are the NEW beliefs you'd like to have instead in order to resolve this problem?
  8. In what ways are you currently benefiting from this problem? (*hint: there is always a benefit)
  9. How would life be different for you if this problem were to disappear?
  10. Anything else I should know?
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