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How to Find a Business Coach Who’s Right for You

How to Find a Business Coach Who’s Right for You

Finding a business coach can take effort, but it’s worth it when you want to improve your company’s performance. Here’s how to find a good one.


We’re all ambitious about our goals –– whether personal or professional. We put our best strategic planning and time management skills to use but sometimes hit a roadblock. Despite being experienced, we lack clarity in our answers, which creates an unpleasant impression on clients.  

That’s where a business coach comes in. These coaches are professionals who possess exposure to the outside world. They provide credible advice to businesses and individuals on how to set and accomplish goals. But finding a business coach requires a deliberate approach to ensure we retain someone with relevant know-how and who isn’t afraid to hold us accountable. 

Read on to learn the benefits of coaching, how to find a business coach, and the attributes to look for.

Why you should start looking for a business coach

Business coaches are industry experts who can mentor businesses to achieve success. Here are a few ways business coaches can help you: 

  • Change mindset: A business coach encourages you to introspect, become self-aware, and maintain a positive attitude and helps understand areas for improvement –– all of which aid in constant growth and development. 
  • Give credit: Business coaches support clients at every step and share their high and low points to ensure the clients are aware. Once the clients accomplish their goals, business coaches hold them accountable and give them their well-deserved credit, just like a sports coach pushes an athlete
  • Encourage to perform better: A business coach helps you achieve new levels of performance by providing professional development, honest answers, and a strengthened will to succeed. Before meeting with a business coach, you might not realize where your company doesn’t meet expectations. Or, you could fall into a sluggish mindset where you hold back your best performance. 
  • Share honest feedback: Without knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can’t discern how to better yourself and your company. A business coach offers unbiased advice that helps you adjust future processes.

What is a specialized business coach?

Since there are tens of hundreds of competitive fields with a wealth of companies and individual functions, finding the right business coach can be challenging. But by identifying our particular needs, we can find a coach with the right background to address them. 

In that case, a specialized business coach is the best path to success. After all, a coach that fully understands a situation can offer specific advice. For example, a small business owner looking to grow may seek a coach who was once in their shoes and knows how to overcome unique obstacles.

Specialized types of business coaches not only help your company but also smoothen out the onboarding process. Just like people with common interests can strike up a natural conversation, those with similar professional backgrounds can have a good understanding of each other’s perspectives from the get-go. 


How to find a business coach

Here are a few ways to find a business coach with the appropriate background and personality so that you can tap into their knowledge and develop a strong rapport: 

  • Referrals: Talk to colleagues in your network who’ve had a good experience with a coach. Ask questions such as what was their coach’s approach and did the coach meet their needs? You can also join local community groups that specialize in your business area. 
  • Search engines: Entering tailored terms into a search engine is another way to locate a business coach with the skills for your situation. Search terms such as “success coach,” “entrepreneur’s coach,” and “business coach” to narrow down and locate someone you feel comfortable with. 
  • Social networks: Join professional groups on websites like LinkedIn and Facebook and ask for referrals. That can help broaden your search by inviting many people to offer assistance and opinions. And, if you locate a prospective coach on a social media network, sifting through their profile and testimonials can provide an additional perspective on whether they’re the right choice. 
  • Hubs: A professional coaching website takes you straight to the source, opening your search to many qualified coaches with various specialties. Coach directories like Noomii, A) Plan Coaching, or Building Champions can serve as valuable resources. 

What to look for in a business coach

Besides seeking coaching experience, here are some traits to look for: 

  • Knowledge and expertise: Determine if a business coach has the know-how you’re seeking by asking questions. If a coach has the knowledge, where did they learn it? Or, if a coach seems to be an expert across several fields, are they just trying to sell their services? These questions can help you refine your search and find out who’s the real deal. 
  • Experienced: Find a coach who previously worked in the same role and can relate to your struggles and successes and offer insights. 
  • Listening skills: A good business coach must be attentive and dedicated. Look for someone who’s patient and understanding rather than someone who’s in a rush or doesn’t exhibit problem-solving intentions. 
  • Tools and resources: You can learn a lot about a coach’s style by asking questions about whether they stick to a program or take a more loose approach. Some coaches might adhere to a list of weekly subjects, while others adjust their approach depending on the client. 
  • Availability: A coach can be occupied with multiple clients and can’t offer the focused attention you need. And, because interaction is central to coaching, seek a coach who’s available at your convenience. Some business coaches are reachable via text, phone, or email, while others are only accessible during in-person coaching sessions. 

The bottom line

Selecting the best business coach is an involved process — you have to sort through various backgrounds, personalities, and skill sets. This helps locate someone uniquely suited to your company who can provide strategies for business success.

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