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Seek Inspiration From These Famous Life Coaches

Seek Inspiration From These Famous Life Coaches

Learn about famous life coaches who’ve inspired clients and other coaches to change their lives. Plus, find out how to become a life coach.


Trailblazers, role models, legends –– these people inspire us to improve our skills, discover a new career, or push ourselves to work toward specific goals. 

Life coaches set examples for not only their clients but also colleagues. They encourage individuals to take major steps in both their personal and professional lives, often resulting in positive changes. Some major figures in the coaching industry have impacted many lives and ended up becoming household names.

But what makes these famous life coaches exceptional, and what contributions have they made to the field? Let’s take a look. 

What makes a great life coach?

It’s not just famous coaches who are extraordinary. Any coach who positively impacts clients’ lives deserves admiration. Here are some traits that make a standout coach:

  • Eternal students: The best life coaches never stop learning. They earn related degrees, pursue certification, attend industry events (such as conferences), and constantly hone their knowledge by taking education courses, reading books, and listening to podcasts of other coaches. Plus, they learn from their clients by asking for and implementing feedback seriously.
  • Ambitious: Many coaches are entrepreneurs and business owners. Not only are they motivated to help clients, but they also make an effort to grow their practices.
  • Experienced: Great coaches bring personal and educational expertise into their coaching practice. For instance, seasoned entrepreneurs make excellent business coaches, and former athletes inspire others with lessons on teamwork and motivation.  
  • Problem-solvers: Good coaches use a solutions-oriented approach to empower others. They don’t shy away from complex issues. Instead, they help clients identify roadblocks, challenge limiting beliefs, and reach their full potential. 

Top 10 life coaches who inspire

Popular life coaches gain their excellent reputation by making widespread changes. Many add value to this profession through their amazing programs. Here are some examples: 

  1. Leah Brathwaite: Brathwaite focuses on helping others achieve freedom in all aspects of their life and eliminate self-doubt. She’s the best-selling author of “A New Way of Life: A Guide for Transformation from Living a Lie to Freeing Your Soul.”
  2. Nicole Montez: Business and motivational coach Montez founded the BFF coaching model, helping women become “brave, fearless, and free.”
  3. Deepak Chopra: Chopra, a doctor, uses his knowledge of science, meditation, and yoga to help others reach self-realization. He also founded the Chopra Foundation, a humanitarian nonprofit focused on healing.
  4. Jack Canfield: Transformational speaker and trainer Canfield helps clients reset their thinking, take on challenges, and reclaim their power. He also trains other aspiring life coaches.
  5. Denise Duffield-Thomas: Money mentor Duffield-Thomas helps clients change their relationship with finances. She also helps people break bad spending habits, crush their income plateau, and find alternatives to boost earning power.
  6. Brooke Castillo: Castillo is the founder and CEO of The Life Coach School, which certifies coaches and works directly with clients undergoing self-doubt, weight issues, and financial problems.
  7. Tony Robbins: Celebrity life coach and business strategist Robbins helps clients live healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilling lives. He also writes a blog, hosts a podcast, and starred in a Netflix documentary about his career. He also happens to be an investor in Practice :) 
  8. Lisa A. Romano: Romano helps clients break codependent cycles in their relationships –– whether with children, spouses, or parents. Unlike many coaches who focus on the future and present, Romano considers upbringing that determines clients’ codependency. Usually, unpacking the past is a therapist’s job.
  9. Bernadette Logue: Spiritual mentor Logue manages a coaching program called Soul Odessey that helps clients uncover their true purpose. In her workshops, she helps clients understand where they are on their soul journeys and where they’ve yet to go.
  10. Joel Brown: Brown founded Addicted2success, helping entrepreneurs launch successful businesses. His goal is to help others live their dream lives.


5 excellent coaches to follow on social media

Social media is where inspiring coaches post the latest about their careers and methodologies. Stay up to date on what these motivational speakers and mentors are doing by following their social accounts:

  1. Alyssa Nobriga: @alyssanobriga. Nobriga helps life coaches get better results with their clients. She posts about the power of somatic work, affirmations, and trusting intuition.
  2. Alyse Parker: @alyse. Parker focuses on presence. Check out her social media accounts for content about connecting with your higher self and inner child. 
  3. Jake & Whitney Roehl: @steadfastlifecoaching. If you’re interested in a Christian approach to life coaching, follow this duo who focuses their practice on finances, faith, and wellness. 
  4. Rebecca Lynn Pope: @rebeccalynnpope. Love coach and spiritual healer Pope runs a certification program for aspiring mentors. Head to her social profiles for tips and content encouraging reflection on self-care and self-love.
  5. Eva Redpath: @evaredpath. Wellness leader Redpath emphasizes both the mind and body. Find fitness videos and tips for healthy living on her social profiles.

Start your own life-coaching career

Are you ready to have your name on a list of transformational coaches? The first step is getting an education that will set you up for success. Here’s how to launch a life-coaching career: 

  1. Pick a niche: Multiple subspecialties exist within life coaching. You can become a generalist, but reflect on your true calling before studying. Your interests and innate abilities may push you toward a career in wellness rather than finance or vice versa. 
  2. Determine your target audience: Suppose you want to become a health coach. Excellent choice. Now, what’s your angle? Determine if you wish to work with people who want to lose weight or improve their mental health by staying in the moment. Know your target audience and their problems before you choose an educational route so you get the proper training.
  3. Start your education: Although government regulations don’t require mandatory coach training, working toward a program is wise because it gives you a strong start and makes you more credible. For example, you could study health science to become a fitness or wellness coach
  4. Pursue a coaching certification: There are certifications for virtually every type of coaching. Pursue an accredited program — such as by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) — that provides you with a credential to proudly display on your website and resume. 
  5. Gain experience: Shadow an experienced coach or take on your first few coaching clients at a discounted rate to get a feel for the work. Once you’re comfortable, scale up. 

Set yourself up for success with Practice

Successful life coaches have a clear vision for their careers and their clients’ well-being. They should have an equally solid idea of how to run a business. 

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