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Announcing Practice's $10M Seed Funding

Announcing Practice's $10M Seed Funding

We're proud to announce our $10 million seed funding, led by Andrew Chen of a16z!


We're proud to announce our $10 million seed funding, led by Andrew Chen of a16z! The round is additionally backed by the nation’s #1 life & business strategist, Tony Robbins, as well as many more great investors. We are thrilled to have these people in our corner as we move into the next phase of growth! 🚀

Practice: Enabling Coaches and Solopreneurs 🌟

At Practice, we are committed to building the best possible tool to help individuals launch and run coaching and consulting businesses.

As a16z has noted, the software stack will do away with the need for departments, allowing the individual to become a firm of one. But, solopreneurs don't yet have a modern stack to run their businesses; they're currently stitching together multiple services. We're focused on creating a single tool that allows coaches to run the entire scope of their business in one place.

Practice on web and iOS
I’ve been working my whole career to empower individuals, and the mission at Practice is no different. We came together to solve a fundamental problem. Solopreneurs just don’t have a modern stack to help them run their businesses. - Julien Smith, CEO, Practice


What's Next: New Features  

We've built Practice for coaches of all types: executive to spiritual development and everything in between. And for those coaches, there are more workflows to build. We have a great set of beta users that are helping us to hone the product and make it just right, and our funding will allow us to fast-track that development.

There are many other types of solopreneurs that can use the same workflows to enable their businesses, and we'll also start building for those groups as our product grows.

While the security of client information is always top of mind for us, we're working towards HIPAA compliance to enable medical practitioners such as therapists to use our platform, as well as tons of other groups that have come to the surface since we launched.

Our funding will allow for this growth as we hire more teammates to develop our product and services.

Get involved! Sign up for our beta

We'll be working to bring Practice to as many people as possible each week, and along the way, we'll let you know about our progress, and give you a few tips on coaching and productivity as we go.

If you'd like to join our beta, let us know!

Or, join our team! 🌈

Practice is a team of designers, developers, and marketers that love working together, and we're looking for contributors that will help us to take our product to the next level.

We're a remote-first company that is hiring for lots of roles. If our aim to help underserved individuals speaks to you, we'd love to hear from you.

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