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AWARE Exercise Template

Welcome to the AWARE Exercise Template! This template is designed to be used by professionals to help their clients explore areas of their life where they may feel stuck, overwhelmed, or uncertain. Through a series of thoughtful questions, this template helps clients assess their current mental and physical states, identify their needs and wants, and create an action plan to move forward.

The AWARE Exercise Template guides clients through a four-step process - Awareness, Wants, Action, and Re-evaluate. During the Awareness step, clients are encouraged to assess their current emotional and physical states, explore their thoughts and feelings, and identify the areas that need additional attention. The Wants step focuses on helping clients articulate their goals and needs, and develop an action plan. The Action step encourages clients to prioritize their goals, create short-term and long-term plans, and set realistic and achievable goals. Finally, the Re-evaluate step allows clients to reflect on their progress, and make adjustments to their plans as needed.

This template is designed to help clients gain greater insight, clarity, and direction in their lives. By providing a safe, non-judgmental space to explore their thoughts and feelings, this template can help clients identify areas where they may be stuck, and move forward with more confidence and purpose.

AWARE Exercise Template

  1. AWAKEN: When did I experience my Wounded Child being activated recently?
  2. WELCOME: How do I feel or think when recalling this experience? Assume a kind, gentle, curious posture to this experience.
  3. ASK: What did I need in this experience? Give yourself a minute or two to consider what core needs your Wounded Child had?
  4. RECEIVE: Then, consider how the gospel applies to your experience. What need did I experience that Jesus fulfills for me?
  5. ENGAGE: What do I need to do for myself or another person to engage in a new way when my Wounded Child is activated?
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