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4 Reasons Why Using a CRM is a Good Idea

4 Reasons Why Using a CRM is a Good Idea

Business owners should focus on what they do best and delegate administrative tasks to tech tools. Learn how coaches benefit from CRMs.


As coaches, the place we want to spend most of our time is in productive sessions, helping clients reach their goals. We’d much rather be doing this rewarding work than the administrative tasks of our businesses, but these aspects of running a company are unavoidable. 

CRM tools take some of this less exciting work off our plates, benefiting our businesses and clients as a result. Implementing this technology may require an initial shift, but if we know anything as coaches, a little work towards one’s betterment (and your company’s) goes a long way. Let’s delve into how these business-focused tools will take our clients’ experience to the next level. 

What is a CRM tool? 

CRM stands for client or customer relationship management, an umbrella term covering the tools and techniques businesses use to improve customer experience. Often, when we see the term CRM on its own, it refers to a platform that automates administrative tasks to save time and limit frustration for business owners and customers. 

The driving idea behind CRM tools is to make a more streamlined, user-friendly, and approachable experience for clients interacting with our businesses. The data and metrics from these customer interactions help us improve our companies and processes over time. 

4 reasons why using a CRM will benefit your coaching business

While CRM tools support businesses of all sizes, many focus on managing a wealth of data, increasing productivity, tracking big trends, and ensuring clients receive relevant information and email marketing campaigns.

But what if you have a small or medium-sized coaching business? Why use a CRM system? Couldn’t you just handle the data on your own without automated help? We’d argue that to offer the best customer journey possible, coaches should streamline processes wherever they can. Human error is inevitable, so here are some benefits of CRM tools for coaching businesses of any size:

1. Better customer support

Great customer service is a two-way street, and CRM tools are here to help you pave it. 

As a coach, a CRM tool allows you to house all your customer data in one, easily-accessible place. This makes interacting with your clients easier and more comprehensive as it helps you stay on top of important details. Clients, in turn, receive attuned, relevant information addressing their unique needs and feel seen. 

2. Streamlined forms

Whatever kind of coaching challenge lies ahead, it’s best to go in prepared. Even the most experienced coaches benefit from some organization up front to help them (and their clients) stay focused in the first session. Save all your forms in one central location with Practice. Make a template meeting the specific needs of your business. After this, your clients can easily find and fill out these forms hassle-free. Need to make some edits? No problem. Revamp all of your forms as needed.  

3. Optimized business processes

CRM tools like Practice’s centralized payment, forms, and communication to make the user experience more accessible, comprehensive, and easy. Not only will this CRM tool help you understand your clients better, it offers an unmatched user experience to make your services stand out. You can automate contact management for new inquiries and appointment bookings. Handle all your administrative needs in one place.

4. File storage

Do you have productive coaching assessments? What about worksheets your clients benefit from and enjoy? Store all of these resources and tools for your sessions on Practice’s platform and download documents with a couple of clicks. This allows you to arrive at your sessions prepared. It also keeps you flexible. Even if you didn’t plan to use a specific worksheet or tool, you can quickly download and print any resource from Practice if needed. Your favorite Enneagram test, activity worksheets, and coaching templates are at your fingertips. 


Why should I use a CRM system as a coach?

Coaching businesses thrive on excellent communication and data that helps coaches better help their clients. CRMs were practically made for this kind of work. 

A CRM allows us to tailor our interactions, identify weak points in our businesses, and make a better experience for our clients. While these things would be important to any business, we want clients to feel seen, heard, and respected above all else. We want them to know they’re working with capable, organized professionals who have their best interests in mind. 

Last-minute FAQs 

Why should a small company use a CRM platform?

Even if you’re the “do-it-all” type, it’s easy to miss important details when working with too much information. Automating data collection and analysis helps even small business owners foster more authentic interactions with their clients by tracking their clients’ nuances in one place. As a coach, you can leverage this tech to enrich your client interactions and take some tasks off your plate to focus on what you do best: coaching. If cost is a concern, prioritize pricing when finding the right CRM for your business.

What are the challenges of CRM software? 

As coaches, we know how to respond to challenges. One of the top challenges of CRM solutions is actually implementing the CRM system. It’s well worth it in the long run, but putting all your customer information in one place takes time. Think of this task as a good investment of your time to relieve stress, meet your customers’ needs, and grow your business. 

For larger companies, other challenges will arise. =For example, if you have a big sales team, you’ll have to train everyone on data entry and ensure even your salespeople are on the same page regarding workflow on the CRM. But in the long run, you’ll have happier clients and a well-oiled business machine. 

We’re here to help

Let us help you with all your administrative tasks, from customer service to file storage. Coaches need the best CRMs to support their clients and grow their businesses, and that’s exactly why we’re here. Try Practice’s platform today to start focusing on your clients rather than the calendar.

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