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Practice and Zapier, 16 ideas to inspire your workflows

Practice and Zapier, 16 ideas to inspire your workflows

Zapier opens the door to thousands of other software products across every industry you can imagine. Based on feedback from our community, it’s extremely important that Practice works well with the other tools that business owners use.


Practice and Zapier, 16 ideas to inspire your workflows

Zapier opens the door to thousands of other software products across every industry you can imagine. Based on feedback from our community, it’s extremely important that Practice works well with the other tools that business owners use. 

We recently announced our Zapier integration and opened the door for your entire ecosystem to seamlessly integrate with one another. 

What triggers can Practice send to Zapier?

Practice can send a few common data points to Zapier that ultimately can be sent to any other tool in your stack. 

  • New form submitted 
  • New contact created
  • New invoice paid
  • New package booked 

What actions can Zapier send to Practice?

Today, Zapier has the ability to automate a few things in your Practice account and ingest an action to automate:  

  • Applying a label to a client 
  • Create a client (name & email) 

Here are 16 ideas to inspire how you can use a Zapier integration in your solo business practice. 

  1. Apply a label to a client automatically 

Did your client pay for your service outside of Practice? No problem! Create a zap to automatically apply a label to their account. This can help you automate applying labels to prospective clients or new clients!

  1. New form submitted triggers an automated email

If you want to send a custom email when a client does… just about anything, this might be your favorite zap. When you connect your Gmail, you can use this action to easily customize how you communicate with your clients and automate content for them. The Gmail zap allows you to write a custom email that sends from your gmail address. 

  1. Use labels to create a contact pipeline 

Do you use a Google sheet or Trello board to track your clients through a pipeline? When using the label feature in Practice you can automatically apply labels to any of your clients if or when something occurs in your project management system. 

  1. Create an email sequence for new packages enrollees

When a new package is booked, automatically send them content and drip whatever you need to share over the lifespan as you deliver a package to them. 

  1. Log all payments in a Google sheet 

Most people would say accounting isn’t the highlight of their day – we agree, hopefully, this makes your life easier! Using this zap, you can send a record of all of your payments and who paid them to Google sheets. 

  1. Send & track all package enrollments to your Google sheet 

Who’s purchased a product or package from you? How many? Easily send all of your payments to a Google sheet to aggregate all of your payment data. If you’re looking for a template, we have you covered

  1. Aggregate all form submissions in a Google sheet

It’s common where you want to view all of the aggregate responses to one of your form templates in one place, if you automatically send all form responses to a Google sheet, then you can easily view a summary. 

  1. Manage client journeys using labels and Trello  

With the option to automatically apply a label to a client, if something happens in a pipeline or project management tool like Trello, you can send triggers to Practice to automatically apply a label to a client. 

  1. Send a custom welcome email with your email marketing tool 

If you’re using a tool like MailChimp or Klavyio to send emails, Practice can now play nicely with all of your email marketing. So, if a prospect fills out one of your top of funnel Practice forms, 

  1. Send new payments to your accounting software 

When using a tool like Quickbooks or Wave, you want to keep one source of truth! One route is to directly connect your stripe account to these tools, the other is to go down the path of Zapier :) 

  1. Intake leads from Wix or Squarespace directly to Practice 

It’s common for website software to have forms built into templates. If you’re planning to take the easy route and use one of the native forms (on say Wix or SquareSpace) 

  1. Add all new contacts to a Google sheets

If you’ve previously used Google sheets for your CRM or simply just as a backup, this is a great idea to keep track of your contacts in Practice somewhere else. 

  1. Automatically add new clients to Practice in your Gmail 

What if you wanted to easily add new clients to your account on Practice, pipe your Gmail as a Zap and create new clients everytime you send an email from your Gmail account. 

  1. Record all invoices in Google Sheets 

If you’ve built a custom spreadsheet to track all of your client payments in one place, use the “invoice paid” trigger and send everything to your Google sheets!

  1. Send new product purchases to enroll in your course  

Do you use a course product like thinkific or coursera? If a client purchases a product, send them to Practice automatically. 

  1. Create new contacts in Practice for course enrollees 

If your course or community is the originator of new contacts, use that tool as a trigger to pipe new contacts into your Practice account. 

Read more here for details on how to actually set up Zapier with your existing Practice account. 

Are you interested in giving any of these automations a try? When you sign up for a Pro plan, you gain access to the Zapier integration and a wealth of other features, such as a branded client portal, advanced contract creation tools, and a custom domain. 

Sign up now and try Practice free for 7 days!

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