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Simple Practice vs Practice Better: A Detailed Comparison

Simple Practice vs Practice Better: A Detailed Comparison

For healthcare providers, it’s important to incorporate efficient practice management software (PMS) into their daily operations to help run their business. The purpose of these platforms should be to help streamline your daily tasks and save time with administrative work so you can focus your energy on clients and growing your practice. In this article, we’re going to look at two popular health and wellness client relationship management (CRM) software: Simple Practice and Practice Better. We’ll compare both platforms to give you a better idea of which system might be best for you and your practice.


What to Look For in a Practice Management Platform?

With so many practice management software (PMS) out there, it’s tough to know which to use for your business. Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a new CRM platform. 


Before you sign up for the first CRM platform you find, you’ll want to figure out what kind of budget you have to dedicate to your software. Most platforms will offer users a chance to try their software with a free trial, usually ranging from 7 days to as long as 30 days, depending on the company. Many systems will then require you to choose a paid subscription plan, to be paid either monthly or annually. It’s common to find pricing options that incorporate tiered plans, meaning the more advanced plan you choose the better tools you’ll have access to. And, of course, it’ll be a bit more expensive. 


CRM platforms come with standard features you’ll find in most systems, such as automated workflows, online booking, invoicing and billing processing, client or patient portals, and app integration. If you’re looking for specific features that are tailored to the type of practice you run, you may need to sift through the list of features to ensure that the platform will work for you. Keep in mind standard features on basic plans vary from software to software. A few advanced features to think about may include:

  • Intake forms and customizable contracts
  • Record and documentation sharing
  • Any branding or practice customization
  • Patient charting and assessments
  • Electronic prescription capabilities

Ease of Use

Your user experience will depend on how easy the platform is to use. Is the system intuitive? Can you easily navigate through your dashboard? How are clients using their patient portal? These are all aspects to consider that will benefit both yourself and your clients as you continue to use the platform. Take advantage of any free trial offer so you can test out the software before making a commitment. If there is no free trial available, contact their customer support team to ask if you can book a demonstration with a team member. Although you won’t have the luxury of experiencing the platform in your own time, you’ll still gain insight into using the platform and how it responds to daily activity. 

Forms and Contracts

As healthcare professionals, part of your onboarding process probably involves sending digital intake forms to gather your client’s information. See if the CRM platform offers templated intake forms or the ability to upload your own into the system. The same goes for contracts, which provide both you and the client peace of mind regarding your relationship and what’s expected from one another. Some software includes contracts as part of their standard features, while others consider that to be an advanced feature for higher-tiered plans. Don’t forget to check the detailed list of features when researching a CRM. 

Customer Support

Although most healthcare EHR software is self-explanatory, some come with a learning curve to understanding how the system works. In case you’re stuck on an issue or need some extra help, you want to know you’ll be able to find the support you need through your platform’s customer service team. Some platforms have teams readily available during business hours, through multiple channels—live chat, email, and phone. Others also incorporate Help Centers with additional resources for users to access. Knowing you’ll have extra support if needed can influence your decision on which CRM software you use, so take the time to learn more about their customer support team before making a decision. 

What is Simple Practice?

SimplePractice has become a leading CRM platform within the health and wellness industry. As a cloud-based practice management software, clinicians can utilize online booking to schedule appointments, send invoices and payment reminders, create paperless intake forms, plus share patient charts and assessments through patient portals. Many users like its advanced EHR tools that help better serve their healthcare businesses and streamline day-to-day operations—this makes it stand out among other similar platforms like Theranest, Healthie, and TherapyNotes. 


With SimplePractice, you’ll have access to a wide range of CRM features that include: 

  • Telehealth appointment scheduling
  • Invoice reminders and billing
  • Credit card processing
  • Private client portals
  • Patient charts
  • Insurance management and superbills
  • Live customer support
  • Built-in website builder
  • HIPPA compliant
  • Wiley Treatment Planners
  • Companion mobile app
  • Monarch therapist directory


Users can take advantage of SimplePractice’s platform and features with its tiered pricing plans, no matter what stage of their business they’re in. Each plan provides you with access to unlimited clients, paperless intake forms, client portals, plus automated invoicing and billing. For therapists and clinicians looking for support with teletherapy or telehealth sessions, you can add that feature for an additional $15 per month on top of the monthly subscription. Try SimplePractice with a 30-day free trial before committing to one of these plans:

  • Solo practice, Start Plan: $29 per month
  • Solo practice, Essential Plan: $69 per month
  • Solo practice, Plus Plan: $99 per month
  • Group practice, Plus Plan: $158 per month ($99 for the first clinician, $59 for each additional clinician)

Customer Support

If you’re even in need of assistance, you can contact the SimplePractice customer service team through its live support line during regular business hours to speak with a representative. Email and live chat are also available Monday through Friday. SimplePractice also offers users the chance to participate in webinars and virtual classes to further educate themselves on the platform and ask questions that will be answered by product experts. If you’d rather troubleshoot your problem on your own, you can find articles and tutorials in SimplePractice’s Help Center available 24/7.

Stand Out Features

Clinicians who are interested in utilizing a bit more customization with their online presence should make note of SimplePractice’s built-in website builder capabilities. Users can create tailored websites through the platform to include branding designs and colors, tailored landing pages for services, and a space for testimonials and client reviews. Another feature that sets SimplePractice apart from other software is its Monarch directory of national therapists. Users who subscribe to the Essential or Plus Plan will have access to the Monarch directory and can list their therapy practice in the network for therapy seekers to find. 

Who is Simple Practice For?

SimplePractice provides sufficient tools and features for healthcare providers across the board—nutritionists, social workers, counselors, lactation consultants, and chiropractors. However, the platform seems to cater to mental health providers and therapists looking to expand their private practice. The tiered subscription plans allow practices of all sizes room to grow their team and client lists while still being reasonably priced. What really seals the deal is the ability to be included in SimplePractice’s Monarch directory. Therapy seekers can easily find you through Monarch’s national therapist network for telehealth appointments, allowing you to reach even more clients. Plus, you can make use of the integrated Wiley Treatment Planners to further streamline assessments and treatment plans. 

What is Practice Better?

Practice Better is another PMS that helps clinicians manage their businesses and clients easily and efficiently. As a nutritionist or dietitian, you can take advantage of tools that specifically help support your practice. Practices of all sizes can benefit from their fully-featured platform, with tools such as invoicing and payment processing, telehealth video sessions, documentation and record sharing, plus automatic Fullscript prescriptions. Healthcare practitioners can also communicate with clients directly through secure messaging with its HIPAA compliant system. 


Streamline your workflow with these features when you choose Practice Better: 

  • Telehealth appointment scheduling
  • Patient chart 
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Client portals
  • App integration
  • Insurance management and superbills
  • Course and program creation
  • Custom branding capability 
  • Companion mobile app
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Group sessions available


Before deciding on a plan, interested clinicians can try Practice Better’s software with a 14-day free trial. Every plan provides you with access to appointment scheduling, invoicing and payments, telehealth video chats, as well as shared documents and client portals. The monthly subscription you choose will depend on how many clients you work with—and clinicians on your team—as each tiered plan allows you to add more clients the higher (and more expensive) you go. 

  • Starter Plan: $25 per month (up to 10 clients)
  • Professional Plan: $59 per month (up to 300 clients)
  • Plus Plan: $89 per month (unlimited clients)
  • Team Plan: $145 per month (unlimited clients)

Customer Support

Practice Better has created an all-around Help Center with tons of articles and guides with helpful information. Not only can users find FAQ documents or troubleshoot a system issue, but there’s also a section specifically for clients to help enhance their client experience using the platform. You can submit a request that will be sent to the customer support team or use a chat box that will provide you with articles and solutions depending on your problem. If you’re looking for a one-on-one onboarding session, you won’t find that here at Better Practice. You will, however, be able to register for a live onboarding group Q&A session if you don’t mind learning in a group setting. 

Stand Out Features

Did you know that Practice Better offers clients the ability to track food and lifestyle habits through a digital journal? They can also manage weight goals and access a database with over 600,000 food options to help plan their meals and nutrient intake. Practice Better is similar to other EMR platforms (like Kalix, TherapyNotes, PatientPop, and Healthie) in that it focuses on several of its features and tools that are great for a dietitian. Practice Better also allows for Apple Health and Fitbit integration to further enhance the client experience while working on their health and wellness journey. 

Who is Practice Better For?

Due to Better Practice’s advanced food, water, and weight management tools, this platform is ideal for any nutritionist or dietitian who needs a powerful CRM system to help run their private practice. You’ll be able to work closely with your clients and share important charts and documents, plus provide them with digital journals and food databases to access. As a dietitian, you can also create nutritional programs and courses right through the platform. Set up memberships or one-time programs to further support your clients with individual and group sessions. Don’t forget you can create Fullscript prescriptions, WholeScripts prescriptions, and order labs to further support your clients in their treatment plans. 

What is Practice?

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell you about our own CRM platform, Practice. Practice is an all-in-one CRM system designed specifically for coaches, consultants, and small business owners. You’ll have access to all the necessary tools to streamline your daily workflows—invoicing, setting reminders, creating contracts, and accessing private client portals. Although we’re not a healthcare EHR software, we’re confident practitioners will still find our robust system as capable and efficient as the rest. 


Here’s a brief overview of the key features you’ll have at Practice: 

  • Telehealth appointment scheduling
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Automated workflows
  • Private client portals
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited storage
  • App integration 
  • Records and documentation sharing
  • Template forms and contracts
  • Onboarding training session
  • Companion mobile app


Practice offers interested users the chance to try out the software with a 7-day free trial. You’ll then have the option of choosing between two monthly subscription plans, our Basic and Pro plans. Each plan provides you with access to unlimited contacts and storage space, app integration (for Zoom, Google Calendar, and Stripe), private client portals, and automated workflows. For users who want a bit more customizable features, we recommend upgrading to the Pro Plan, where you’ll be able to customize contracts, incorporate a custom domain, and receive zapier integration. Here are our two plans you can choose from: 

  • Basic Plan: $35 per month
  • Pro Plan: $60 per month

Customer Support

At Practice we strive to create an unmatched customer experience through our stellar support team. Team members are available to meet with users for one-on-one onboarding sessions where we’ll walk them through the platform, share real-life examples, and answer any questions to provide a better understanding of the system. We’ve also curated a comprehensive Help Center full of tutorials, articles, and guides to help you troubleshoot problems. Feel free to also submit a request that will be sent to our team to assist you during business hours. 

Stand Out Features

Practice’s CRM software functions specifically to provide a positive and easy user experience for both users and clients. Our simple but user-friendly interface design allows you to navigate your dashboard with ease, with all your necessary tools right there in your dashboard. We’ve also created a unique client portal that prioritizes immediate communication. Not only can you share documents and files, but you can also send voice memos, text, or messages to your clients in real-time without the need for additional apps. We recommend downloading our companion app so both you and your clients will have access to private portals from any device, at any time. 

Who is Practice For?

Solo practitioners, coaches, and consultants will benefit from our platform knowing they can continue to grow their practice and client list. Yes, Practice’s software may be similar to other EMR or PMS software (like Kareo, PatientPop, and TherapyNotes), but we believe our advanced client portal makes it stand out. Having direct access and communication with your clients is crucial to running your business smoothly. You can rest assured that you’ll be able to communicate effectively with clients without the hassle of bouncing back and forth between other apps and systems, making the process much easier. 

Which CRM Is Best For Your Practice?

SimplePractice, Practice Better, and Practice all offer clinicians and healthcare professionals the necessary tools to run their businesses with ease. The current size of your practice, how you’d like to grow, and the type of customization you’re looking for will determine which software may best suit your practice. You also want to keep your budget in mind as the more you grow the higher your monthly subscription will be. Here are our recommendations for these practice management software: 

  • SimplePractice: Best for group practices or clinics 
  • Practice Better: Best for therapists who need customization
  • Practice: Best for solo practitioners looking to grow 

Interested in our platform? Check out our free 7-day trial to see if Practice is the right CRM for you and your practice.

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