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Dubsado vs. Acuity: Booking Tool Alternatives

Dubsado vs. Acuity: Booking Tool Alternatives

As more and more businesses shift towards digitalization, finding the right software to manage appointments and bookings has become increasingly important. Two popular tools that have emerged in recent years are Dubsado and Acuity. Let's compare them.


Both platforms offer valuable features for small businesses and online appointment scheduling. Dubsado is a business management suite that includes a variety of tools such as client management, contract and invoice creation, and scheduling. Acuity on the other hand, is a standalone scheduling tool that focuses on making the booking process as seamless as possible. In this article, we will compare the two options and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each, to help you determine which one might be the best fit for your business needs.

Dubsado’s main features

Scheduling Limits

Dubsado’s scheduling limits feature allows users to set specific rules and restrictions for their scheduling availability. This feature enables business owners to manage their schedules more efficiently by controlling how many appointments they can book at a particular time. Users can set limits on the number of appointments per day, week or month, and block out specific time slots when they are unavailable. The scheduling limits feature also allows users to set up buffer times between appointments, which can be useful for preparation, travel or rest. With Dubsado’s scheduling limits feature, business owners can ensure that they have enough time to provide quality service to their clients while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Integration system with CRM

Dubsado’s integration system with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a powerful tool that allows users to streamline their workflow and manage customer relationships more efficiently. This feature allows users to connect their Dubsado account with popular CRM platforms such as Hubspot, Zoho, and Salesforce, among others. The integration system enables users to sync customer data between platforms, ensuring that all information is up to date and accurate. Users can also set up automated workflows that trigger specific actions based on customer interactions, such as sending personalized emails or creating tasks. By integrating Dubsado with their CRM system, businesses can better manage their customer relationships, increase their efficiency, and ultimately grow their business.

Timezone availability

Dubsado’s timezone availability feature allows users to customize their scheduling availability based on their timezone. This feature is particularly useful for businesses with clients located in different timezones, as it ensures that appointments are scheduled at convenient times for both parties. Users can set their default timezone and adjust their availability based on their preferences, including blocking out specific times or days. The timezone availability feature also allows users to customize their scheduling availability for specific clients or projects, making it easier to manage their schedules and prioritize their work. With Dubsado’s timezone availability feature, users can streamline their scheduling process and provide a seamless experience for their clients, no matter where they are located.


Acuity’s main features

Payment options

Acuity’s payment options feature provides businesses with a variety of payment processing options, making it easy to collect payment from clients for appointments and services. The platform supports several pricing structures, including hourly rates, flat rates, and package rates, giving businesses the flexibility to offer pricing that works best for them. Acuity’s payment options feature also supports various payment gateways including PayPal and Stripe, allowing clients to pay securely and conveniently. Additionally, Acuity allows users to set up payment plans for their clients, automate payment reminders and integrate with accounting software such as Quickbooks. Businesses can also offer subscription-based services through Acuity, giving clients the option to pay for services on a recurring basis. With Acuity’s payment options feature, businesses can streamline their payment process, reduce payment-related headaches and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Customizable branding

Acuity’s customizable branding feature allows businesses to create a branded and professional-looking scheduling platform that aligns with their business’s overall aesthetic. The platform offers several customization options, including the ability to add a custom logo, color scheme, and fonts. Users can also customize the language and text on their scheduling pages to match their brand voice and tone. This feature allows businesses to create a seamless brand experience for their clients, from the initial booking process to the actual appointment. Additionally, the customizable branding feature provides a consistent and cohesive brand identity across all customer touchpoints. With Acuity’s customizable branding feature, businesses can create a professional and polished scheduling experience that reflects their brand’s personality and values. If you're interested in customizable branding, Practice Pro might be of interest.

Calendar integration

Acuity’s calendar integration feature is an essential tool for any appointment scheduler who wants to streamline their scheduling process. This feature allows users to integrate their online scheduling platform with their favorite calendar apps, ensuring that all appointment types and availability are synced seamlessly across all platforms. Users can easily manage their schedules from one location, avoiding scheduling conflicts and ensuring that they are always up to date. Additionally, Acuity’s calendar integration feature provides users with a unique scheduler link that they can share with clients, allowing them to book appointments easily and securely. This feature ultimately saves appointment schedulers time and improves their efficiency, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality services to their clients. 

What sets them apart?

Acuity stands out for its versatile scheduling features, including the ability to schedule recurring appointments and book with multiple team members. Recurring appointments are particularly useful for businesses that offer ongoing services, such as weekly coaching sessions or monthly check-ins. With Acuity, users can schedule these appointments in advance, and clients can book them easily without having to reach out to the business each time. Additionally, Acuity’s team scheduling feature allows businesses with multiple team members to manage their schedules more efficiently. Clients can see the availability of all team members at once and choose the one they want to book with. This can save time and reduce the risk of scheduling conflicts.

Dubsado, on the other hand, excels in automating workflows and streamlining the client onboarding process. Dubsado’s workflows feature allows users to create automated sequences of tasks and emails, which can be triggered by specific actions, such as booking an appointment or signing a contract. This can save businesses a significant amount of time and ensure that clients receive consistent, high quality communication throughout their journey with the business. Additionally, Dubsado’s appointment scheduling feature allows clients to book appointments directly through the business’s website, without having to go through third-party scheduling tool. This can provide a more seamless experience for clients and help businesses maintain control over their branding and messaging.

Overall, both platforms have their strengths, and choosing between them depends on the specific needs and priorities of each business.

Choosing a Scheduler Tool 

Choosing between Dubsado and Acuity ultimately comes down to the specific needs and priorities of your business. If you need advanced scheduling features, such as recurring appointments or team scheduling, Acuity may be the better choice for you. On the other hand, if you prioritize automation and streamlining your workflows, Dubsado may be the way to go. It’s also worth noting that there are other scheduler tools out there, such as Practice, that may offer different features and benefits better suited to your business’s needs. Ultimately, online scheduling tools can be a great way to simplify your business processes and improve the client experience, but it’s important to carefully consider your options and choose a tool that meets your unique needs.

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