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First Call Questionnaire Template

Are you looking for an easy way to collect essential information from your clients before your first call? Look no further than our First Call Questionnaire Template. This comprehensive questionnaire helps you to quickly and efficiently gather critical information about your clients, their needs, and their expectations for your services.

The questionnaire covers key topics such as background information, expectations, communication preferences, and business goals. It also includes questions to help you better understand the goals and objectives of the client before your first call. This way, you can be better prepared to provide the best possible service and set the right expectations.

By using this questionnaire, you can save yourself and your client valuable time and make sure that the first call is productive and successful. Plus, you can use the questionnaire as a starting point to develop an even deeper understanding of your client’s goals and objectives.

Get up and running quickly by taking advantage of our First Call Questionnaire Template. It’s a great way to get the information you need to provide the best service for your clients.

First Call Questionnaire Template

  1. Date of Birth:
  2. Home address:
  3. How well do you feel you are acting like your true self vs. pretending to be someone you’re not? 1-10 (10 being I'm completely myself)
  4. How would you get that to a 10?
  5. What actions must you take in order for that to happen?
  6. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your Confidence in Life & Business at the moment?
  7. How would you get that to a 10?
  8. What actions must you take in order for that to happen?
  9. How satisfied are you with the contribution and value that you give society and those around you right now? (from 1-10)
  10. How would we get that to a 10?
  11. What actions must you take in order for that to happen?
  12. What's the next immediate goal you're working towards in your life and/or business?*
    Be specific. How will you know you've achieved this goal

  13. What are your most dominant thoughts about yourself and the world?
  14. In what ways do you self-sabotage your own success?
    This helps me know your patterns and behaviours that we can re-condition and move through as we hit new levels of success, abundance, influence and wealth in our business and life. To regulate our nervous systems at these new levels.

  15. If you were personally struggling with something (mentally or emotionally), in what ways would I know to look out for you? Are there any tell-tale signs, patterns or behaviours I should know or be aware of?
    This helps me and my team support and coach you. You don't ever have to struggle solo again. We're in this together.

  16. When you're going through "stuff", how would you best like support during that time?
    Life happens. Shit hits the fan. Things go wrong. We lose people. We aren't always prepared for the curveballs life throws at us. I want to know how best to support you during that time.

  17. Where do you wish to be in 90 days from today?
  18. What major challenges are you facing right now and what is the impact of this?
  19. What areas are you wanting the most support on right now? Please put in priority order.
    1 -
    2 -
    3 –

  20. Based on the answers above, what are the biggest problems you need to solve in the next 3 months?
  21. What specifically would you like from me that I could give you to help you get to your goal?
  22. How do you feel completing this questionnaire?
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