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New Coaching Client Intake Form

Are you looking for a streamlined way to collect information from your new clients? If so, the New Coaching Client Intake Form is the perfect solution! This form offers a comprehensive and efficient way to capture all the relevant information you need to get your coaching relationship off to the best possible start.

The form is simple and easy to use. It captures data on every aspect of your client's life, from identifying information and personal background to preferences and goals. This helps you to build a complete picture of your client, so that you can tailor your coaching services to their individual needs.

The New Coaching Client Intake Form is also a great way to save time. Instead of having to manually enter the same information into your coaching software each time you take on a new client, you can simply direct them to the form. This makes the process easier for both you and your client.

New Coaching Client Intake Form

  1. Preferred First Name:
  2. Gender:
  3. Date of Birth:
  4. Address:
  5. Cell Phone Number:
  6. Email Address:
  7. What type of coaching are you looking for?
  8. What challenges are you currently facing that you think would benefit from coaching? Use the space below to describe at least two areas where you are having trouble.
  9. Describe what the best-case scenario would look like for you after you have successfully overcome these obstacles.
  10. Name any interests or hobbies you enjoy doing.
  11. What do you think are your best qualities? Please describe or list them below.
  12. Is there any quality that you have not listed above that you would like to improve? Please describe or list these qualities below.
  13. What do you want your future to look like?
  14. How can coaching help you achieve the future you desire?
  15. What do you do when you are stressed out?
  16. What do you find helps you when you are struggling to move forward? Is there an approach or tactic that works best to help get you going?
  17. What changes do you think you need to make to help you react better to specific situations?
  18. Is there anything else you’d like to add that you think we’ve missed?
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