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An Unpaid Review: HoneyBook vs Square vs Practice

An Unpaid Review: HoneyBook vs Square vs Practice

Find out more about three project management tools—Honeybook vs Square vs Practice—that can elevate your business to the next level.


We’ve all heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.” If you’re a small business owner, you know how important time management is to stay on top of your work. The key to your success lies in streamlining your workflow, and a great way to do that is with the use of project management tools. But not just any project management tool will do. It all depends on your business, goals, and needs. We're comparing three popular tools to help you decide which one is best for your business.

Overview of HoneyBook

If you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard of HoneyBook. HoneyBook is a management software that helps track project tasks and client information in an all-in-one digital platform. With the ability to manage proposals, invoices, meetings, and online payments, this platform is aimed to support small business owners and entrepreneurs with their daily workflows. 

HoneyBook Features

Some key features of HoneyBook’s software include:

  • Cloud-based with a companion app
  • Client portal
  • Schedule and calendar management
  • Client lead tracking
  • Invoice and payment tracking

Project Tracking

Create projects for clients with HoneyBook’s user-friendly interface to track every stage of the project. HoneyBook is a cloud-based platform, meaning you can access your projects from any device at any time. Make use of the companion app to remind you of upcoming deadlines as they approach as well. 

Contract Management

Proposals and contracts are an integral part of running a business or working as a freelancer. You can create proposals within HoneyBook to share with clients, outlining your partnership and project details. HoneyBook also provides digital contract templates to send to clients that are fully customizable. There’s also an option to upload your own contract to the platform and use that instead. 


HoneyBook operates as a paid platform, with monthly or annual payment plan options. If you choose to pay on a month-to-month basis, HoneyBook will cost you $19 on its Starter plan, $39 when you bump up to its Essentials plan, and jumps to $79 for its Premium plan. If you’re wondering what percentage does HoneyBook take out of transactions, it varies depending on payment type—2.9% plus $.25 for major credit cards and 1.5% for bank transfers. You can try HoneyBook for free for 7 days before committing to the platform. 


Sending invoices through HoneyBook’s invoicing tool is quick, easy, and allows you to send professional bills directly to your clients. Set up payment schedules and reminders for all upcoming invoices. HoneyBook also allows you to manually upload expenses and receipts that create a Profit and Loss report to use as a reference come tax season. 


HoneyBook offers small business owners and entrepreneurs a full, comprehensive tool to manage all the details of running a business. In addition to the project management, invoicing, and payment features, HoneyBook offers its users the ability to integrate other software (such as Quickbooks, Gmail, and Calendly) to further streamline their business workflow. 

How Does HoneyBook Compare?

Compared to other project management tools, HoneyBook stands out with its user-friendly interface. Although HoneyBook costs more than other software, it makes up for it with its advanced features and excellent customer service resources, such as its live chat available 7 days a week. 

Overview of Square

Chances are you’ve seen Square’s little white payment reader at a coffee shop or used by your pet groomer. Square is a comprehensive e-commerce software platform for entrepreneurs and small to medium business owners. It’s known as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that allows users to manage and control customer interactions and sales. Square makes it easy to make sales, track and process payments with less hassle and worry. In the battle between Square vs HoneyBook, it depends on your business needs and goals. 

Square Features

A few key features of Square include:

  • Physical payment reader
  • Client lead tracking 
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • 2-step verification for security

Inventory Management

For business owners who need to maintain inventory, you can keep track of your in-stock items through Square’s inventory management system. Easily download reports on your current inventory while also updating quantities of your product. Set up alerts and send email notifications to notify you of low stock levels to always stay on top of your available inventory.

Payment Processing

One of Square’s best features is the customer’s ability to pay for your products or services through multiple options. Customers can pay with their credit or debit card, digital invoices, or make in-app payments. Square also provides each business owner with one free Square Reader to use with an iPhone or Android device to collect payment in person. However, like other payment systems, Square also charges transaction fees depending on what type of transaction it is. 


Square’s Point-Of-Sale (POS) platform is one of the best-known and most used by companies and small businesses because it’s free to use with no monthly fees. You can start processing payments in-person, online, or over the phone with no additional costs. Square also offers two higher-tiered plans that include advanced features, starting at $29 per month. 


Create, send, and manage all your client’s invoices for free as part of Square’s platform. The great thing about Square’s invoicing is that it operates on an automated system, meaning you don’t need to worry or spend extra time manually tracking and sending invoices. Square does it for you, including setting up payment reminders for quick and easy invoicing. 


Square is a great choice for business owners who are looking for an affordable and straightforward POS system. Easily manage customer information and payments in one place and make use of automated systems to further streamline your workflow. You can access support through live chat, phone, or email Monday through Friday. Square also provides a library of online resources in case you need help outside of business hours. 

How Does Square Compare?

There’s a reason many small businesses and entrepreneurs choose Square as their CRM of choice. Not only is it free to start using, but it also offers a simple and efficient way to accept and process payments. This is especially beneficial for users that need to process payments on the go or in person with the use of its Square Reader. Its added feature of utilizing email marketing campaigns to reach your target audience also helps you further connect with your customers. 

Overview of Practice

Here at Practice, we strive to provide the best CRM tools for small business owners, coaches, and entrepreneurs to meet all their business needs and goals. Our approach is through a user-friendly interface with all the necessary features in one place—like scheduling, file storage, and invoices—so you can work out of just one platform. We offer two different plans, with standard and advanced features to help you at whatever stage you are in your business. 

Practice Features

Practice offers a variety of special features including:

  • Unlimited contacts and storage
  • No additional transaction fees
  • Automated workflows
  • Digital contracts and proposals

Client Portal

One of Practice’s best features is the ability for clients to access a shared portal to make your partnership that much easier to maintain. Here you can communicate, share notes and unlimited documents, as well as provide accountability with the use of shared to-do lists. You both can keep track of every milestone and see the progress you’ve made from beginning to end. 

Clients are also able to communicate with you directly through their portal. Leave voice memos, view email threads, and chat one-on-one with your client without ever leaving the Practice dashboard. Practice allows you to sync multiple calendars and shows your real-time availability to make the scheduling process simple and transparent. 

Practice allows you to create invoices, packages, and auto-debiting to send directly to your client. You and your client can then view any invoices and related forms and documents within their client record. 


Practice currently offers three plans. For anyone just getting started, the Basic plan is $5/month. For $42 a month, you’ll gain access to unlimited storage, unlimited contacts, automated workflows, digital signatures/contracts, and priority support whenever you need it. For those with more than one person, there is also a Teams plan starting at $69/month. Each plan comes with a 7-day free trial to test the platform before committing. (But we’re sure you’ll like it and want to stay for a while.)


It goes without saying that being a coach or running a business comes with many tools and software. Practice ensures you only need to work out of one platform with all the essential tools to create a smooth workflow to run your business. You can also rest assured that your clients will always be up-to-date on tasks, payments, and documents through the shared client portal.

How Does Practice Compare?

Practice is an all-in-one client management software that focuses on the client experience. The simplicity of our platform makes it easy for you to stay in touch with clients and track your progress. We aim to provide coaches and small business owners with a project management tool that is professional and caters to your needs. And in case that wasn’t enough to convince you, Practice also offers one-on-one onboarding sessions to help you get set up and on the road to success. 

HoneyBook vs. Square vs Practice

All three management platforms offer useful tools for coaches and small business owners to streamline their businesses. Let’s take a look at some of their similarities and differences to give you a better idea of what each software brings to the table. 


Honeybook’s Starter plan costs $19 per month when paying on a monthly basis. With this plan, you’ll get unlimited clients and projects, access to invoice and payment options, proposals and contracts, plus calendar integration. HoneyBook also charges a standard 3% fee on credit cards and 1.5% on bank transfers in addition to your monthly payment for its software. 

Square offers a free plan without monthly or startup fees that immediately lets you start using it to sell your products and services online or in person. However, there are transaction fees to keep in mind that are broken down by the type of transaction. You’ll be charged 2.6% plus $.10 for every in-person transaction and 2.9% plus $.30 for online transactions. 

Practice offers a Basic plan with a $5 monthly fee. This plan provides you with the basics of starting a business. Practice does not charge any additional transaction fees, though all payments are processed through Stripe, which does charge a 2.9% plus $.30 fee per transaction. 

Both HoneyBook and Practice offer free 7-day trials, Square does not. 

Project and Client Management

Both HoneyBook and Practice come with client portals that serve as a central hub for all client projects and documents, including invoices, payments, and contracts. Both allow you to have unlimited clients and storage, plus software integration to schedule meetings and keep up with payroll. One special feature that Practice offers users is the ability to communicate directly with clients through the Practice client portal. This allows for seamless communication without the need for other emails, texts, or messages. 

Square works primarily as a Point-Of-Sale software and doesn’t have a central client portal for interested clients or repeat customers. You’re able to send invoices and receive payments, with the option to create email marketing campaigns, though it lacks a direct and immediate method to contact clients. 


HoneyBook, Square, and Practice all create a user-friendly experience with simple interface dashboards. All three platforms prioritize ease of use by providing the necessary tools you’ll use on a day-to-day basis right there at your fingertips. Contacts, documents, invoicing, and payment details are easily accessed through your dashboard. As mentioned, HoneyBook and Practice are client-focused CRM platforms and allow clients to log in to their portals to view projects and documents.  

Customer Service

HoneyBook offers personalized customer support available 7 days a week during business hours. This includes live chat support to help with immediate questions and concerns. If you’re looking for priority support from experts you’ll need to upgrade to their Premium plan in order to access that.

Square offers live support Monday through Friday during business hours. For those who need help outside of business hours, Square has a library of resources (broken down by topic) you can access 24/7.  

Practice goes above and beyond with our customer service support. We offer one-on-one onboarding sessions (30-minute or 1-hour sessions) to walk you through the product and full account setup. You can ask any questions and review real-life examples with a tailored onboarding experience for your business and needs. 

Which CRM Is Right For My Business?

HoneyBook: Best for small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs

The simple user experience and client portal lend themselves to business owners who need a robust system to easily keep track of multiple clients and projects. HoneyBook’s unlimited storage and contacts allow you to grow your business without sacrificing efficient management tools. 

Square: Best for individuals and small businesses selling products and services

There’s no question that Square is a leading software in its field. With its no-upfront cost and inventory management system, entrepreneurs who are ready to get their business up and running can do so easily through Square’s platform. 

Practice: Best for solopreneurs with client-focused businesses

Practice offers the best support for individual client-based business owners — think coaches, consultants, dog trainers, and more. With our unique client portal that allows you to communicate directly with clients and have a central place for all your documentation, you’ll never miss a message or forget whether you shared a file again.


No matter what kind of business owner you are, set yourself up for success with the right project management tools. For small to medium businesses who are looking to grow, consider HoneyBook and its expansive features to support your goals. Square allows you to start selling your products and services right away, with no up-front costs or monthly fees, so you can focus on building your client list. Last but not least, Practice is the go-to platform for coaches and entrepreneurs who want to foster their relationships with clients with the added bonus of excellent customer service support. Treat yourself to a free 7-day trial of Practice. 

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