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Podcast Guest Booking Form Template

Are you looking for a streamlined way to book podcast guests? With the Podcast Guest Booking Form Template, you can easily and quickly book podcast guests.

This form template covers all the important information needed when booking a podcast guest. Your potential guests can fill out the form to provide their name, contact information, topics they would like to discuss, any technical requirements, and more. Once a guest is booked, the form can also capture their agreement to the podcast's terms and conditions using a legal field.

The Podcast Guest Booking Form Template is designed to help you save time and energy, and to ensure your guests have all the information they need for a successful podcast interview. You can customize the form to fit the needs of your podcast.

By using the Podcast Guest Booking Form Template, you can rest assured that all the necessary information is easily accessible and organized. This will make the booking process smoother and more efficient for both you and your guests.

Podcast Guest Booking Form Template

  1. What are you an expert in? Tell us about you!
  2. What main topics are you excited to talk about?
  3. Is there anything off limits/you want to avoid?
  4. Tell me more about any programs, launches, or offers you want to talk about!
  5. Please include a bio so we can introduce you!
  6. Please list any social handles you want highlighted.
  7. Please include a headshot for episode promotion!
  8. Do you have any previously recorded podcasts, interviews, blog posts, social posts that you think I should read before the interview to get to know you and your expertise better?
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