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The 13 Best Coaching Blogs by Niche

The 13 Best Coaching Blogs by Niche

Check out the best coaching blogs across the field. Plus, discover why you should consider writing a blog and how it can benefit clients and colleagues.


It’s great to be part of a specific professional community, such as coaching, with like-minded individuals. This group has seasoned coaches with numerous stories and new mentors eager to learn. Everyone has different backstories and skills to bring to the table. 

These experienced professionals share their stories, skills, and knowledge through written content — books, newsletters, and a 21st-century favorite: blogs. 

New and experienced coaches can connect with other coaches’ tales and learnings by reading online articles and sharing knowledge and questions in the comments. 

Grab a cup of tea and your reading glasses, and dive in. Here are the top 13 best coaching blogs by niche. 

But first, should you consider writing a blog?

Reading can inspire us to write. As you explore other coaches’ stories from the field, you may find yourself speaking with the writer, thinking of similar situations you’ve experienced and how you’ve handled them. Here’s why you should consider writing a blog to let your inner scribe out: 

  • You’ll develop confidence: You know how to do your job well and have unique experiences to share. Explain the techniques you use in your practice and findings, and interact with other professionals and coaching clients through your socials. Jotting down your stories can help the coaching-curious and your peers.  
  • You’ll attract clients to your business: Blogs have global reach, which means you can connect with potential clients on different continents. Fostering a connection through your blog is excellent advertising if you offer virtual coaching services. Future clients get a sample of your skills and understand your methodology before their first session. 
  • You exhibit top-notch dedication: Existing and prospective clients and peers will understand how deeply you care about the coaching profession if you write regularly about your experiences. Not only do you actively learn from your coaching sessions, but you also synthesize that information to help others. 

The 3 best business coaching blogs

Coaches who help entrepreneurs maximize their potential and improve performance can take cues from successful professionals who’ve positively impacted clients’ lives. Here are three bloggers in the business coaching niche:

  • Stacie Mitchell: Mitchell helps business owners and other coaches market their companies. Her blog teaches readers how to advertise on social media, capitalize on search engine optimization (SEO), and deal with burnout. If you prefer auditory learning, Mitchell also hosts a podcast called “Something Even Better: A coaching podcast.”
  • Joel Brown: Speaker and executive coach Brown launched Addicted2Success. The blog explores goal-setting, the meaning of true leadership, and how to find purpose in one’s professional life. It also offers many articles and handy navigation options, such as filters for content on “start-ups” or “crypto.”
  • Coach Pony: Pony focuses on helping industry professionals succeed, build confidence, and become financially sound. Tackling topics such as whether to put pricing on your website and how to take a coaching business online, this blog shows coaches how to approach the entrepreneurial aspects of their work. 

The 3 best fitness coaching blogs

Food and fitness buffs and coaches who help clients adopt healthy habits will enjoy perusing the content on these health-focused blogs. 

  • Fitness on Toast: Fitness on Toast is a travel, food, and fitness blog from personal trainer Faya Nilsson. She writes about how to prepare a balanced salad, stay fit on the go, and use fitness tech to stay accountable.
  • Mark’s Daily Apple: Mark Sisson empowers others to live healthier lives. Sisson’s blog––focused on “primal” living, Keto eating, and body-weight training––provides tips on improving wellness without equipment. 
  • Nerd Fitness: Nerd Fitness is a down-to-earth blog aimed at helping people of all experience levels make life-altering physical changes. Coaches could recommend this blog to clients looking for inspiring fitness stories, at-home workout routines, and introductory reading about specific diets, such as Keto or Paleo.


The 2 best mindset coaching blogs

Coaches believe that when we change our thought processes, we transform our lives. Mindset coaches model this theory of personal development. Check out these blogs for tips on modifying outlook: 

  • Motivating the Masses: Motivational speaker Lisa Nichols writes about virtually every challenge a person could face, from expanding their business to overcoming loneliness. Her advice focuses on helping individuals show up for themselves and create their dream lives. 
  • The Blissful Mind: Mindset coach Catherine gives readers self-care, well-being, and gratitude tips. The bog is a good resource for coaches looking for presence, organization, and mindfulness activities to recommend to clients.

The 3 best life coaching blogs

Life coaches transform their clients’ lives by tapping into motivation and understanding roadblocks. Here are some blogs that help coaches and clients better comprehend the human mind:

  • Science of People: Writer Vanessa van Edwards, bestselling author of “Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People,” “Cues,” and “Learn the Secret Language of Charismatic Communication,” offers a wealth of posts on becoming a stronger communicator. She focuses on understanding how people think and process information.
  • James Clear: Clear, the author of “Atomic Habits,” guides readers through thought exercises on creativity, focus, and decision-making. Subscribers can also receive weekly tidbits in Clear’s newsletter. 
  • Tony Robbins: Celebrity coach Robbins refers to his blog as a guide, which it is, with a wealth of how-to articles. He categorizes the website into topics –– such as leadership, finances, and relationships –– so coaches and mentees can easily search for tips on these focus areas. 

The 2 best instructional coaching blogs

Instructional coaches transform schools and pedagogy. These professionals constantly learn at work, but the following blogs, full of field notes and tips, can give them more coaching tools and insights.

  • Teach Boost: This site focuses all its materials on professional development for institutional coaches. The articles explore coaching models, how instructional coaches can work well with administrators and supervisors, and growth-centered techniques for teachers. 
  • Insight Advance: This instructional coaching resource provides professionals with practical tips on supporting teachers and reflective pieces on educational changes and trends.

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