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10 Must-Read Freelancing Blogs

10 Must-Read Freelancing Blogs

These 10 must-read freelancing blogs are tremendous resources for budding solopreneurs. Find out why reading these sites can boost your success.


Today, anyone can access an abundance of free learning resources in podcast libraries, online workshops, and blogs. While acquiring some specific skills still requires a formal education, you can teach yourself about everything from freelance insurance to marketing your business thanks to the wealth of knowledge on the internet. 

Freelance blogs are an excellent resource because the people who write them often have experience in the field. Plus, unlike textbooks, blogging sites are constantly updated with the latest information in the field. Open up one of the web’s most influential freelance blogs, and you’ll find information posted today — if not within the last few hours. 

But the world of blogs can be overwhelming. How can you possibly know what to read among the thousands of available options? Don’t stress: we’ve narrowed down the 10 best freelancing blogs on the web. 

How reading freelancer blogs can improve your career

Freelancers are busy people. They single-handedly balance their business's administrative and operational aspects while squeezing in a run, spending time with the family, or doing some self-care. So, why should freelancers also square away time in their hectic days to read blogs? Here are a few reasons: 

  • You gain the best insights. Bloggers take time to research the latest trends and synthesize their learnings from the field, presenting you with data and insights that would’ve taken you far longer to glean on your own. If you have a favorite trusted blogger to turn to for up-to-date information, you can upskill even when you don’t have much free time. 
  • You find inspiration. Freelance blogs have just the information you’re looking for — and topics you didn’t expect to find, too. You may subscribe to a site because you learn a lot from its accounting content, but later, a piece on product diversification piques your interest and inspires you to develop a new idea. Plus, the writers have often been in your shoes, and hearing their success stories can be the encouragement you need to grow your business. 
  • You have a chance to network. You can chat with your peers in the comments sections of a blog post or reach out to the writer if they provide a business email. Spend some time on LinkedIn, too — many freelance writers and entrepreneurs post blog-style pieces on their LinkedIn pages, and the platform is built for networking. If a blog post resonates with you, let the writer know: you may spark a lasting professional connection. 


10 freelancer blogs you shouldn’t skip

Get comfortable in your favorite reading spot and keep your notebook handy. The following 10 blogs have a lesson in store for freelancers at any stage of their careers: 

  1. Behance: This resource from Adobe isn’t just a blog, it’s also a gathering space for creative minds. Behance also contains a number of live streams and talks — Adobe even hosts an annual conference. Within the site's blog, you can find articles on soft skills like managing anxiety, mind hacking, and generating confidence, as well as design and photography inspiration.
  2. Freelancers Union: Who better to give freelance advice than an organization supporting the rights and health of solopreneurs? The Freelancer Union community blog contains helpful tips on key subjects like filing your taxes and pertinent updates on news that could affect your business, such as government benefits and AI developments. The blog also provides information on personal topics ranging from destressing to managing back pain. 
  3. Copyblogger: Many freelancers — even those who don’t specialize in writing — create written content. Content marketing drives interest from potential clients and establishes freelancers as subject-matter buffs. This freelance writing blog helps entrepreneurs sharpen their creative and business skills with guidance on everything from choosing a niche, handling criticism, and understanding search engine optimization (SEO).  
  4. Millo: This site’s goal is to help “freelancers grow their businesses in five minutes a week.” Milo offers an information-rich newsletter and library of articles on topics worth a close read, such as gig ideas, making money as an artist, and legally registering a business. 
  5. The Solopreneur Society: This brand incubator’s blog teaches entrepreneurs essential lessons about branding their companies and monetizing their ideas. Check out The Solopreneur Society to find out how to write emotionally impactful copy and encourage future clients to trust your brand. 
  6. Fiverr Workspace Blog: Fiverr, a freelancer marketplace, equips solopreneurs with valuable information on contract work. With blog pieces about correctly filing taxes, generating specialized invoices, and calculating cash flow, Fiverr helps independent contractors confidently navigate the everyday aspects of doing business. 
  7. Double Your Freelancing: This resource, which teaches freelancers “charge what they're worth,” offers written and video content on launching a business, branding, marketing, and pricing — all the knowledge bases a burgeoning contractor needs to succeed. 
  8. Freelancing Hacks: As the site's name implies, Freelancing Hacks empowers independents to double down and start earning. With advice on how to responsibly quit a stable job to go solo and tips for the digital nomad lifestyle, the blog encourages readers to believe a fruitful freelancer career is within reach.
  9. FreeUp: This blog for freelancers boasts a comprehensive library of resources, making it an excellent option for anyone seeking answers on granular freelance topics. Learn about AI freelancing, how to define the scope of your work, and when to hire a project manager. 
  10. Huntlancer: Huntlancer is a niche haven for creatives navigating freelance work. Interior designers, visual artists, graphic designers, and game creators can explore the best tools and materials for their projects, learn how to earn six figures, and find out how to sell their work at online galleries. 

Another powerful resource: Practice’s blog

Practice understands the unique challenge of freelance entrepreneurship. So, we created a client relationship management (CRM) tool designed to streamline administrative tasks such as data storage and secure payment so independents and small business owners can gain time back in their busy days. 

We’ve also generated a library of educational materials to help your business soar. Turn to our blog to explore freelance business ideas, learn how to become a writer for hire, understand the ins and outs of contractor work, and much more.

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