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August 5, 2022

Practice Updates: August 5, 2022

  • Released Android by tapping on the avatar of the client, you can view their details and a coach can attach a screenshot when sharing feedback with Practice :) 
  • Released iOS 2.3.1: Library improvements! Now you can access all of the files, links and folders created in your Practice account directly from your phone
  • Coaches can now delete any package created on Practice
  • Fixed a bug where nested folders weren't listed in the library correctly
  • Fixed a bug where folders status' weren't updating properly
  • Updated the placeholder copy for a zero state on the library
  • Released the Magic Coaching Log
  • Fixed a bug where the notes page showed unsaved changes modal for no reason
  • Fixed a bug where coaches had an issue deleting a scheduler
  • Fixed a bug where the save button was missing on the public profile
  • Fixed a bug where the accepted/declined meeting emails for calendar appointments appeared in the inbox
  • Fixed a bug where an appointment did not appear in the timeline for a client but was on the calendar