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December 23, 2022

Practice Updates: December 23, 2022

  • Fixed a bug where some coaches needed to "sign in" in order to create a help desk ticket
  • Fixed a bug where "payment due" was a trigger for Smart Action forms
  • Fixed a bug where some contacts custom fields would not get transferred to their contact record upon form completion
  • Fixed a bug where  saving changes to a scheduler, duration field shows required message despite there being an input value
  • Fixed a bug where newly created labels are not assigned during client import
  • Fixed a bug where using a one-time promo code on a recurring product displays the amount discounted per month when it should have just been one-time
  • Fixed a bug where packages were counted incorrectly in the package tracker
  • Fixed a bug where paid schedulers don't show their description on profile page
  • Fixed a bug where the payment plan modal was squished at 100% zoom
  • Updated the new invoice email artwork to work better in dark mode

Released iOS 2.10.0

  • Support for Subscriptions
  • Fixed a bug where chat messages weren't syncing correctly

Released Android 1.2.2

  • Allow coaches to share and delete notes
  • Allow coaches to edit notes by sending them off to the web (we show a little message before leaving the app)