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December 9, 2022

Practice Updates: December 9, 2022

  • Fixed a bug on the formatting the info box when scheduling an invoice
  • Fixed a bug where some coaches could not add a package to their public profile
  • Fixed a bug where some coaches ran into an issue with group appointment smart actions
  • Fixed a bug where a package would not display immediately after being created
  • Fixed a bug where itemized invoice totals didn't reflect the correct amount when a coupon was used
  • Fixed a bug where hitting the "save" on a contact record didn't work appropriately
  • Fixed a bug where some schedulers didn't work on the last day of the month
  • Fixed a bug where a coach couldn't change their last name in the settings
  • Fixed a bug where a form would be duplicated when shared and completed by a client
  • Fixed a bug where invoices accessed via the shared workspace say "no client" in the client field
  • Improved 404/error pages to make access to support easier
  • Fixed a bug where the legal field would trigger two files being uploaded to the client record
  • Fixed a formatting issue with the public profile

Released iOS 2.9.1

  • Fixed a bug where some client packages didn't appear properly in the app

Released Android 1.2.1-38

  • Add support for linking an appointment to a note
  • Added support for reading notes natively in the Android app
  • Can now see notes that are linked to an appointment
  • Failed invoices are now visible when viewing all invoices in search
  • Fixed a bug where some invoices weren't appearing correctly in the client record