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January 20, 2023

Practice Updates: January 20, 2023

  • All coaches on Practice will now see an alert banner at the top of their dashboard requesting email verification. This is a security upgrade to Practice validate email addresses :)
  • An improvement for unpaid invoice reminders Smart Actions, they are now visible on the subscription detail page
  • We've upgrade our chat performance by a whole 6 versions!
  • Fixed a bug where a client got stuck in a redirecting login loop
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling while editing a package caused some funky behavior
  • Fixed a bug where editing a public profile caused some values (like bio) to not appear
  • Fixed a bug where some coaches could not add a recurring product line item to their invoices
  • Fixed a bug where canceling a subscription would still show invoices as shared or scheduled
  • Fixed a bug where the "about' box was missing for clients on the shared workspace
  • Fixed a bug for the UI in editing a group to change the color of the page.
  • Released iOS 2.11.1 that fixed a bug causing a crash when listening to some audio messages